May 212011

Let me explain….

Normally when I get home from work, one of the very first things I do is release the blessings… ah sweet freedom! I can’t begin to tell you the sensation of this act…. it’s quite incredible… you women will know of what I speak… anywho…

Remember we live in a 5th wheel RV…the bathroom is, shall we say, cozy…. I can sit on the potty, wash my hands, dry them, brush my teeth, access my drawers… all from the comfortable throne… so today… removing the apparatus which houses the blessings was done whilst relaxing on the throne…. I opened the drawer which is home for all my feminine under things…. and to my surprise…and utter disgust…. I find that a MOUSE HAS SHIT IN MY UNDIES!

Unreal! Unsanitary! Unhygienic! Just flat out disgusting!

I get up from my seat and start delicately removing garments, one by one… terribly afraid I’m going to find the little rodent hiding out among my things…. you know… you gently grab the tiniest corner, smallest part you can… you then SNATCH it out and ready to scream if necessary…. ha! You know you have done the same thing…. I make it to the bottom of the drawer and never found a damn thing… not even a second piece of mouse shit… how odd….

  •  May 21, 2011
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