Jan 172013

…with the same man for 48 years now. Our relationship has been one full of ups & downs, as are most relationships. But this man has always been there for me no matter the up or the down. He is my first love and will be the man that I measure all others against. This man is my father. Today is his birthday. He is celebrating 70 years of life today. Well actually, the party is not til the weekend but you get what I mean. (I’m sad that I won’t be there)

My Dad… I couldn’t not have scored any better a man. He’s one of the few people who understands me, mostly. And what he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t judge. He’s done his best to learn about me by listening to me without judging, without interrupting, with ears wide open. And his heart too. I’m sure I haven’t been the easiest person all these years. I’ve had my times of mystery…those times that disappointed others. I’ve scared him, I’ve angered him, and I’ve frustrated him. But his love never changes. No matter how bad something was, I was always able to talk to him without fear of losing his love.

Dad has taught me some great lessons in life. He has shared his wisdom with me. He has shown me that it’s better to live with curiosity than with restraint… he taught me to see the world in a different way. Every now and then I make a statement in conversation and it hits me…that was one of Dad’s nuggets. I like that those nuggets have stayed with me. When I look at my photos I see my Dad in many of them. His eye… his talent… his encouragement.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you more than I can ever say.



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. Happy Birthday Sherri’s dad.

  2. That is a truly beautiful tribute. I am glad he knows just how much you love him, and that he loves you right back (and isn’t afraid to say so). This is a lovely, lovely post.

  3. This was a lovely tribute to your Dad.

    Guess what? 1/17/1911 was MY father’s birthday. He died in 1998, a few days after reaching age 87. He lived a good life, and I miss him dearly.

  4. You must be over doing the meds….I sound pretty good
    No, you have not always been easy to “like”, but who is? but love is forever, unconditional.

    I have always been proud of you and your spirit.
    thanks for the wishes
    Love you, Dad

  5. Isn’t it wonderful to have a parent that loves you like that? In a world full of stories about not-good parents it is refreshing to hear about the ones that did it right. xo

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