Jan 112013

… on my mind earlier that I wanted to write about.

Somehow I lost those things.

Imagine that.

And now it’s time to go to bed.

Maybe I will remember those things whilst I’m sitting up in bed unable to sleep listening to Coach snore while he sleeps soundly and calling him a bastard because he possess the ability to lay his head on the pillow and be soundly sleeping within 53.6 seconds flat. (how is that for one big long ass run on sentence without taking a breath)


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “I had some things”

  1. My head hits the pillow and I’m out!
    Trapper snores? And yes he does, I wear earplugs….every.

    Sometimes I still hear him.
    then its the couch.

    • Tina!!! 🙂

      I tried earplugs once… I kept waking up thinking there was something in my ear…. lol I wore them a lot when working with music but when sleeping, it didn’t work out so well… I’ve done a few nights on the couch… not so much from the snoring but because of being pushed out by the Queen…

  2. Lol~~~ There is no way I could sleep with a snorer. Although, I do take a nightime med to keep me asleep for about 6 hours. Sending hugs and love your way!! Thank you again for the lovely blog header I love it!!! xoxo

    • Oh,night time meds! I hope to be getting some of those in a few weeks when I go back to the neuro. He had me taking Tylenol PM first…tried it out… no bueno. Nyquil doesn’t do the trick either… or slugging wine in the dark in my underwear… no help at all!

  3. Oh hell woman , eventually you will.

  4. ah ha ha ha haaa haaaaaaaa

    • oh Faith… it’s awful! he just lays down and begins with the rumbling from the depths of his being and shakes the entire tin can. i sit and listen and sigh in exasperation. last night i put a movie on to watch while attempting to fall asleep…many times my eyes get heavy watching tv. well, i had the volume turned up so incredibly loud and couldn’t hear a ding dang thing! not even the extra super duper loud commercials! finally around 3 i dozed off… only to be awakened by a dog that loves me more than anything on this earth…. ugh

  5. Coach takes over fifty seconds to fall asleep? A veritable insomniac by my smaller portion’s standards. SP turns out the light and (I am NOT exaggerating) is asleep and snoring before his head hits the pillow. I am sooooo jealous.

    • It’s just awful isn’t it? I sat up all night long listening to his sleep song… that melody of deep breathing that infuriates me LOL I finally doze off around 3 and the dog decides I need to get up… blast it all to hell. I will never get sleep ever again!

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