Aug 312011
COURAGE is reclaiming your life after devastating events rob you of your confidence and self-esteem. It is facing tomorrow with a firm resolve to reach deep within yourself to find another strength, another talent. … It is taking yourself to another level of your own existence where you are once again whole, complete, confident.”— Catherine Britton

i wanted to start this day with a quote… i read this just about every morning. a dear friend sent this to me a while back, shortly after the MS diagnosis. that friend is celebrating her birthday today… she is a such a blessed person… and she has sent me so many encouraging and uplifting thoughts/words over the past year. she is a survivor of breast cancer… she is one of the most strong, courageous and beautiful women i have been honored to know…

so monday… i was sitting at work minding my own business… it was a monday in most senses of the word… nothing spectacular, just a monday… you know what i mean. so i’m sitting at my desk, reading an audit report… nothing physically active or exuberant… all of the sudden there was a


and then the next thing i knew i was being STABBED! yes stabbed… just under my blessings … a very uncomfortable sensation if i must say so…

i reach into the abyss that is created by my blessings to figure out what the hell is stabbing me so persistently… stab stab stab!! with every breath stab stab stab! it was if the blessings were pissed off and trying to kill me… i’m not kidding!

into the abyss, blindly my hand begins fumbling around… and all of the sudden now my hand is being stabbed! attacked by the unknown suspect…. leaving red marks and scrapping the skin… attempting to draw blood…

what i found was that the ever so flimsy wires used to accommodate the blessings had snapped in two…. and the ends of the wire had worked its way through the fabric and was stabbing me … my favorite boulder holder had failed me!

now i have to wonder… with the size of the boulder holder one would have to assume a certain weight that is being supported…. the larger, the heavier…. so why in the world do they not use something a bit more sturdy in the, um, larger sized boulder holders?

i’m thinking like a shelf bracket on each side….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  12 Responses to “i got stabbed and lived to tell about it”

  1. Been there, done that, ticked it off. Hope not to buy the t shirt. And I loved you wondering whether it was one of the weird MS treats. I also wonder that, and look down to see I have a cat hanging off my ankle, or a thorn in my foot, or ….

    • I had a sticker in my toe a while back…walked around with ifor a few hours before I finally decided to take a look haha one would think I’d learn the lesson then…not all pains are the beast…oh well

  2. The bra you bought at the Dollar General sounds promising. Any further description would be welcomed. I will be close to one tomorrow and would like to check it out.

    • i bought the bobbie brooks version of the jane mansfield 18 hour holder… it’s actually pretty comfortable… they have them in black and white and are only $6.50!!

  3. How funny. Not for you, it must of been very ouch, but I had to laugh at your blessings and your bloulder holder. I’ve never heard them called blessings before.

    • oh yes… blessings… i have had a love/hate relationship with them my entire life… okay that’s not true… but at least since i was 12 or so LOL

      i actually did laugh when i figured out what was going on… how stupid… i sat her with that stabbing sensation for a bit before finally investigating the cause… at first i thought it was some random stupid MS sensation…. nope! ha

  4. Ha! When I was in high school, I had a wire escape the fabric. Unfortunately, it was on the outside and managed to poke it’s way through my undershirt and through the sweater I was wearing and show an inch or two of itself to the world before I noticed it. Oh the joys of being a woman.

    • oh man! sticking out for all the world to see??? did anyone have the courtesy to point it out to you or did you just have to discover the rebel wire on your own?

      i have oft thought i’d like to just get rid of the womanly blessings but if i were to do that, tummy 1 and tummy 2 would look much larger than they are… the blessings sort of help keep things proportioned i guess ha

  5. Boulder holder, lmbo….

    • ahh yes… the full name would be “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder” … classy right? this is a term i was SURE you would know …

  6. Oh lordy girl!!! Funny funny funny!!! I’ve had that happen before, it sucks!!! Always happens when you are where you can’t grab a replacement suspension bridge too. So you have to pull the failed wire out and roll around for the rest of the day with one normal boob and one saggy boob, no bueno!! Hahahaha

    • it hurt so bad! who woulda thought one little ol wire could cause so much grief? my word!

      thankfully, there is a Dollar General right across the street from my office… i bought a Jane Mansfield 18 hour knock off for $6.50… the coolest thing is that instead of a flimsy wire there is about 16 inches of elastic band that squeezes the life breath outta me but… it keeps the boulders in place haha

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