Oct 092011

woot! we had 1.7 inches of rain here at my house this weekend… fab.u.lous

and more is in the forecast for tonight and the first 1/2 of tomorrow… hopefully it won’t be 8 months before the next rainfall again…

today was a nice day… i didn’t get to rest/relax at all but coach and i did some errand running and we got to spend the day together…during football season we don’t get that much… and right after football ends, soccer begins… and soccer is more time intensive for him than football season is… 4 games a week, tournaments on the weekends, and practice every day…

good thing i’m getting some new hobbies going… we went to my new favorite store today…jerry’s artarama… i sweat in that store haha

and look at what i got myself

calligraphy set

i'm gonna try to learn to do some fancy lettering

i foresee a huge ink mess… my desk, the blinds, the computer, my hands, in the nooks and crannies around my fingernails ha! but it is gonna be fun!

AND…. i’m getting a new-to-me camera! woot! it’s been a very long time since i’ve had a good camera… all my equipment was stolen out of a storage locker 5 or 6 years ago… i had some kick ass equipment too… a really nice good quality digital slr with a few lenses… an old mamiya medium format portrait camera – with the bellows intact even… man that was a sweet camera…years ago i had my own darkroom… i love working with black & white film – it took me a VERY long time to be okay with making the switch over to digital… and i’m not entirely sure i’m okay with it now

okay, it’s time for a shot… coach’s nite to stick me in the you-know-where with my beast’s nemesis… and then bed… so tired today!

for my w friends… this is my favorite…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “i don’t have much to say so you get an update for my day today”

  1. I love Jerry’s. We have one real nearby. I sweat when I walk over the threshold. I think it’s a fairly small store in contrast to those in NYC & Jersey.
    I have had my eyeballs on the set for soooo long. Never thought about tangling with them. I can’t wait to see what you do.
    p.s. I’ve been notiing that not all my comments show up. Also a p.s. is that I have been working on my WordPress page and tink the best thing to do is pay for it. Maybe that makes it easier to do. When you switched over were you able to bring all your old posts tot he new site.
    p.p.s. Love that you have rain! Lana at Tabouleh is being flooded by broken dams in Bangkok.

    • i wonder where your comments have been landing? i hate missing words from you!! they make me smile

      i was reading Lana’s page and saw that she is in the midst of crazy flooding…

      when i moved my blog over to wordpress i was able to import everything from the old to the new.. wordpress has an “importer” that helps get it done… i can’t wait to see your new page!

  2. I noticed the whole post in the reader yeah! See now here I am to make a comment LOL great that all the crazy comment as deals are gone my little pea brain can figure out how to comment now ha ha.

    Your new friend is boxed and awaiting it’s new home.

    I am waiting to see more tangles now with all those fancy pens . …

    • oh my new friend! i’m so incredibly excited… you have no idea! wait, yeah you probably do 🙂 and the comment thingy didn’t work again… you were stuck in moderation que and i fixed what we know needed to be fixed… then i deleted disqus… so no worries… it’s all better now… damn nosy interwebs

  3. Quills, great purchase. I’m going to be watching for your creativity to flow 🙂

    • i’m so thrilled with my new toys… i can’t wait to sit down this evening and begin working with them… it’s going to be a huge trial & error process i’m sure… and i’ll most likely show the trials, errors, messes, etc ha! makes it more fun that way

  4. As one human pincushion to another I salute you.  It is my injection night tonight as well.  Sigh.

    I loved the look of those quills and am hanging out big time to see what wonders you create.

    • oh such lovely pincushions we are too 🙂

      i’m doing the copaxone thing so i get stuck every single day…bleh… i do 5 days a week and coach has to do 2 days a week.. my over-sized middle section prevents me from twisting around enough to get my hip zones lol

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