Oct 302011

so yesterday was fun and all… and i walked the 5k… woot! and i am proud…

but today? i feel as though i’ve been run over by a big freakin MAC truck… can you say UGH

i worked this morning in dispatch… only 6 hours so not too bad and it’s generally very quiet on Sundays… the only hitch is that i have to get up at absurd freakin thirty to be on time…

on my way home i had quite a chuckle…

i was on the feeder road of I35 coming up on my turn to MLK near the UT baseball stadium… and i spied this object laying almost in the middle of my lane… and i’m guessing there is some woman somewhere who is going to be extra, hmmm, shall we say lonely? a larger than average, fully detailed, real life natural colored man junk… there it was… in the road…

now i first chuckled…but then on the rest of my drive home i was pondering… how does a battery powered man junk thing end up in the roadway? did some husband-boyfriend-lover get jealous and throw it out the window? did the afternoon shift hookers lose it from their bag of goodies? did some kid find it in mom’s drawer and take it for fun… you know, to show off to his buds.. and then ditch it later? or maybe some dude was using it to enhance his, um, package? and then ditched it later?

**i just can’t come up with a scenario that satisfies the messy mind on this one…

i looked for a picture of man junk that was appropriate enough to display in this post… but alas, i did not locate one… i did however find a website that looks quite entertaining, even for us women… it is The Art of Manliness  (coach didn’t sound too interested in it.. but i bet he’ll have it bookmarked in less than 48 hours or so)…. and i know some of you others out there will too…. um, Mr. Corner… 🙂



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “i am beat up”

  1. My reply is on the last post. The format is different on my iPad, and I replied in the wrong place. I’m a Goob…..

  2. Several possibilities exist, she found the man which satisfied her needs.
    The ever-ready bunny batteries were shot.
    The device died after extended use.

    Finally she decided to toss it at her husband on her way to the store to purchase a 2012 model!

    • ha! i just thought and thought… trying to figure it out lol

      i had wondered if it was just plain ol wore out and in need of an upgrade

  3. You left out the scenario that if you were to stop and pick it up you would find yourself on a ‘candid camera’ equivalent. But no, other than that it has me stumped too.

    Hope you improve super quick.

    • funny you mention stopping…. i was trying to figure out if i had enough time to get out and snap a picture but the traffic wasn’t conducive and there was no place to pull over safely for a few minutes haha and the folks around would’ve surely thought me a whack job

      • Yup, I was wondering why yu didn’t go back for a picture. I’m tellin’ ya, I gotta come to TX.
        no possums here or manJunk in the road. Let’s just hope she didnt loose while she was driving – swirve….woops…

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