Feb 102012

i’m full of life today…. and that is taking a front seat to the physical woes of my world… i’m living… i’m breathing… it’s been a morning of epiphanies in a way… funny how it hits me like this from time to time…

when i get to feeling bad, as i have for the past year or so, i forget that i’m alive… i’m loved… i’m treasured…

that is my new mantra…

i am alive

isn’t that ultimately what is most important? the rest falls into place rather nicely, with some patience

i have a friend that i hope will soon come to these same realizations…

there is so much evil in this world… it seems more so now than i can ever remember… the moral compass has somehow shifted to the dark side… i see it in all the generations… what has happened to us as a people?

evil has to control… if it can’t control, then it tries to destroy…

and evil comes in many forms… and it’s clever… evil is the master of disguise and deceit…sometimes hard to recognize… eventually though, goodness wins… shame that so much hurt and devastation has to occur before we speak up and take action…

ok i’m done… daily wisdom has been imparted ha!



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “i am alive”

  1. You most certainly are alive ! You must be, as you keep posting…..You express that ” I’m full of life today…. and that is taking a front seat to the physical woes of my world” That is the attitude that seperates the weak from the strong. Great asset to have. Sometimes a person has to accept their struggle to be an example to others. This is not what all could do. We were never guarenteed life, or a pleasent easy life. What you make of it, as you are is what this world needs more of. God Bless You and keep the example you are to so many.

  2. I am so happy that The RUBENESQUE CATERPILLAR LIVES!!

  3. I also am really glad that you are alive. And that you are not letting darkness take hold. Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh, believe me you are treasured.
    I for one am glad that your alive, and I know the Coach is.

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