Sep 102011

Outside my Window is a beautiful Saturday. The temperature right now is sitting at a comfortable 66 degrees… holy cow! The triple digits just may be gone. First thing this morning I went out and watered the yard o weeds… the birds gathered around in search of some liquid sustenance… they like me… I’m sure they think of me as the “crazy water lady” … I think I’m the only one around here who has thought to spill some water over into the little ditch thingy so the critters have something refreshing to drink

i am

Thinking that it is absolutely freakin fantastic that it is the weekend. I so look forward to Saturdays … my day of rest…for the most part. Somehow it has become my duty to go pick up hay – if I can find some – and feed… and run any other little errands we don’t get to during the week. Coach has that uber crazy schedule going on right now with football in full swing, and I have been working some jacked up hours… it goes something like this: 8-4, 12-8, 10-6, 8-4, 10-6… hard to get in a groove… and next month there will be three of those 12-8 days in a week… ugh

Thankful that I woke up and my legs worked, I could see, and I remembered my name. These are things I think about each day. I’m also thankful for Coach and how he loves me… he does it right. And the kiddo & grandgirls… beautiful they are!

In the Kitchen there is a huge absurd mess. The aforementioned schedule wreaks havoc on my ability to do much of anything during the week. So this morning I will spend some time washing up a few dishes, sweeping the little splotch of floor we own, and then make myself some of those Aunt Jemima sausage/cheese croissant thingys… yum!

i am

Creating drawings… I would like to say art but my mind won’t let me go there just yet… I’m drawing… and I love it! I’m working on a few projects right now. One for a church, one for Coach’s classroom, and a castle addition to a co-worker’s dragon tattoo… busy me!! And I came across some gigantor spools of that really thin yarn- free- … rust, grey, and khaki colored… might try to make some bracelets and chokers…don’t know what else I will do with it

Going to be in search of hay today…and then I am going to do a bit of laundry… Coach changes clothes more than any man I’ve ever been around… and he layers…. Compression shorts, athletic shorts, wind pants… polo shirt, dry fit shirt, work out clothes… and he can really ripen them up… whew

Wondering who was leaving in the back of the hearse I saw last night… when I got home from the game, as I was pulling into our park, a big black hearse was pulling out… I took a minute to ride around the neighborhood looking for signs of tragedy but found nothing… maybe it was just a goth or emo type dropping a date off…

Hoping to have a good nap today… a good nap is one in which Queen Beulah actually lets me snooze…and one in which I don’t grind my teeth to the point of breakage…

i am

Looking Forward To nothing.. I’m in this moment… that’s it… I made it to here and I’m going to enjoy it… I wish I could say I was looking forward to our vacation, or another special day, but alas, that is not to be…

Hearing birds… singing their praises to me, the crazy water lady and the news… I spend about ½ hour each morning listening to the local news… after that it’s just all repeat stories… once that has come to pass, I might switch on some music… or not… sometimes I enjoy just being here with no sound… no TV, no music… very peaceful

Around the House I have so much work to do… man… glad it’s not a house or I’d be screwed… I intend to sweep today, dust a bit, clean out the terlet and sinks…

i am

Pondering relationships… no, not mine with Coach… but relationships with bosses, co-workers, and other similar bonds… I learned long ago that co-workers aren’t friends really… they are work friends, or acquaintances… and bosses… what to say about them? In my entire working career, I’ve always had really good bosses – I respected them, trusted them. Guess sometimes luck runs out?

One of my Fave Things Today   #ff0000; text-decoration: underline;">COFFEE!! ‘Nuff said

Plans for Tomorrow repeat of today… r&r… that’s it…

I am

Feeling mellow… congested… mostly at peace… there is turmoil in my noggin but I do what I can to either sort it out, pin it down… or just ignore it… I don’t know that I could even label what the turmoil is… I am very content with my world… except for the part about the MS naturally…and maybe the job… but the rest of it is pretty damn good….

i am

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I am in serious awe at how busy you are. A fraction of your list has me longing for my bed. And I love, love, love your art. So looking forward to seeing the castle to go with the dragon (please?).

  2. Changing “I am” to “You are”

    You are…..such a sweet and intelligent vibrant woman and I treasure reading your thoughts. I hate your down days for you and get so excited to hear your good days in your writings. We should all follow the pattern you and Coach display in your relationship. Your Gypsy nature is so fun to follow. Watching the Zentangles so artfully created in front of us….Need I say more. I WILL some day get to give you that big bear hug. I patiently await the day my friend. I am so blessed to have gotten to know you!
    Have a great weekend my friend

    • wow! thank you so much for your kind words Wendell! does a girl good to hear such sweet things…. and i too look forward to the day we can all get together

      and i am very blessed to have gotten to know you guys too! without your encouragement in the beginning of all this mess, i would not have stuck with the drawing… you did that for me… a more amazing act of kindness than i can remember ever…

  3. Love your glasses!

    • thank you karen ha! they are my “readers”… i have the silly bi-focal ugly ol lady glasses but my vision is changing yet again so i went out to buy some stronger readers for like $5…. funny thing is they are working better for me than the $200 prescription ones…

      hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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