Apr 292012

something new has popped up and i’m not sure what to make of it all…. i think it’s from the beast… in some weird, twisted way – i really hope it’s from the beast.

i’ve been noticing over the past few weeks that things don’t make sense to me. certain words, and sometimes entire sentences. i hear them… i hear the sound… but it’s like a foreign language… i have no idea what the words mean. and it’s making me crazy.

it’s not even that i’m mishearing… you know how sometimes a person will say something to you and you mishear a word as some other word? and you end up replying in a way that doesn’t go with the conversation…. yeah, it’s not like that.

it’s more like

“what do you want for dinner?” coach might ask

“晚飯你想吃什麼?” is what it sounds like to me.. or maybe “zer nahi duzu afaltzeko?”

i know it’s all cognitive junk

and i am so feckin’ tired of saying “huh?”

does anyone else have this problem?


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. oh no…i can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like; i haven’t had to deal with that. keep ur head up and here’s hoping that u don’t have to deal with it for long.

  2. Well, I am not dealing with MS but I certainly have the same problem. The last medication I was on for depression was causing me all sorts of confusion. I was also dizzy all the time. People would tell me things and I couldn’t remember what they said. I think I am feeling a little better. I think sometimes we can only take so much in and our brain just says, “I am done!”

  3. Not quite that one, but along the same lines. I lose words. They are in my head and I cannot, cannot get them out. Simple words like scissors or cushion or …. So I have to try an mime them. Difficult on the phone.
    And a new manifestation. I will be thinking one word and my rotten bloody fingers and mind will type something different. Thinking moat, and what pops up on the screen is male.
    I have learnt. I proofread. And some still get through.
    So a weird comment with strange words popping in is probably the dread disease.
    And yes, most likely when I am overtired.

  4. Yep. I can’t begin to describe all the oddities. Sometimes my hubby and I joke about it, but oftentimes I cry inside a little more and then try to distract myself with something else or go lie down and hope for sleep.
    Stay inspired!

    • coach & i spend a great deal of time laughing at me… making fun of the things that i do. and i started it lol if not for laughing at me and the craziness of this disease, well, i think i would just curl up and cry all the time…

      but, like you, hidden behind the laughter and the fun, i cry… every day…

  5. I had similar problems early in the disease. I also could not (at times) sign my own name, because I forgot it, couldn’t distinguish money amounts…all the bills looked the same (and we have colourful money in Canada), lots of other weird cog stuff. Now like Judy, I only have problems like this when I am exhausted.

    • i’m not sure what to make of this thing lol not that i can change it or make anything out of it at all … the mental stuff just disturbs… much more than the physical… i’ve thought about the tired factor… and although i’m tired, i’m not any more tired than usual but maybe it’s just adding up… who knows… i hope this doesn’t stick with me haha

  6. Everyday :p

  7. It will happen to me on occasion, and usually it’s because I am so tired, I can’t see straight. Well, hear, either.

  8. So far, I haven’t had to deal with this. That said, however, if there’s a lot of noise when someone’s speaking to me (tv, other conversations, doors closing, whatever) I lose track of what’s being said to me. I’m especially bad when I’m tired or stressed. Hope this ms quirk passes quickly for you.

    • i’ve noticed that too Muff… distractions… i’m distracted so much more easily these days… background noise really gets me confused sometimes

      • Yeah, I am lost in a room with several conversations going on, or with the TV on too loud in the background. One of my first symptoms, several yeas before diagnosis, was saying a word that was similar than the word that I meant to say. First I had to grope for the word and the one I found always started with the same letter and had the same # of syllables but was totally out of context. Then once I said the wrong word the right one would pop into my mind.

        I remember mentioning this to a good friend, that I seemed to be doing that a lot lately, and she said that she had noticed but wasn’t going to say anything. weird cognitive junk happens with this disease. Very weird.

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