Aug 222010

#2 and I were doing marginal… He had been to visit sobriety a few times but always came back to me… until it was time to hang with meth again. And meth always seemed to win his affections. He didn’t work… I mean really, holding down a regular job would just not fit into the image he had of himself. So I worked…

We had one car..actually it was a truck. A Mazda B2000 Sundowner to be exact…


mazda b2000

ours was blue

It ran pretty good… no A/C or heat but the engine seemed okay to me.

During a time of sobriety I convinced #2 that we needed to leave Cali. The only way I could come up with for him to stay sober was to be in a different environment, new friends that are clean, new neighborhoods, a new life… it seemed like just the answer! And he agreed…. amazingly!
So we made plans to move to Peoria, IL. His sister lived there and she had room to take us in until I could find a new job and we could find a place of our own to rent. #2 only had one problem with this… we were going to be driving to Illinois pulling a smallish U-Haul trailer with our prized possessions in it.. mostly clothes and electronics.
About 2 weeks before we were due to leave on our new adventure to a new life, #2 thought he would tune up the truck. He knew about engines so I wasn’t concerned. And it was a project to keep him busy while I was working.
My office was within walking distance… so normally I walked to work so that he would have the truck during the day if he needed it – probably not a good thing because it allowed him to go out and find trouble.. lessons learned.
One day I came home for lunch and #2 was working on the truck with his friend S. And they were all jacked up on meth! I guess I hadn’t realized that even though he knew about engines, he had no pleasure in working on them unless he was all tweaked out… dammit. In the parking lot I found them… engine completely disassembled, parts laying everywhere, the two of them covered in grease…sweaty, eyes the size of half dollars…
I left and went back to work without saying anything at all…..
4 hours later I returned at the end of my day. When I walked into the apartment, I found #2 and S sitting on th e couch, all spruced up, smelling pretty, and looking guilty as I had ever seen him…. The kitchen was spotless… SPOTLESS! And the whole apartment smelled clean and soapy….
I was immediately suspicious. They were being very nice to me… all sweet and sugary…. I made my way into the bedroom to change out of the hose and heels routine, bathroom stop was next… I gathered myself, braced myself for what was surely to come… Then I went to the kitchen (gotta start myself some dinner -they don’t eat)….
The kitchen is absolutely sparkling.. and the floor is wet as if just freshly mopped. Now #2 wasn’t one to do housework, and neither was S. The second thing I noticed (and I can’t believe I didn’t see this first thing) was that the racks from the dishwasher were sitting on the kitchen counter… what?! I opened the dishwasher to find the ENGINE in there!
#2 thought the best way to degrease an engine would be to put it in the dishwasher on the hot cycle.. with a little Tide!!! Holy crap!!!


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