Sep 152011

the year: 1979

the venue: skatin’ place roller rink, missouri city texas

and…. the music

and this is how coach started his day… with me shoving my 1979 happy rap down his throat LOL life is good

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. p.s. i ordered “WordPress For Dummies” at the library – I love the things you can & do do with your blog. Can’t wait to get it. Is WordPress free?

    • yea Paula!

      there are two ways to do wordpress… you can do a free blog similar to blogger….

      or you can get your own domain through a hosting site … i use blue host… but there are many others out there…

      if you have your own domain then wordpress has many more features for you to use and you also have full control over your site… i love it! it has been an incredible learning experience for me… and i’m not done learning by a long shot

      • good advice. maybe i’ll start with the basic and upgrade later. hope its not too expensive.

        • it’s not bad…. it breaks down to about $9 a month… of course you pay for the domain name too which is right at $20… i was willing to pay the money because this blog has come to represent so much… and at the end of my journey, this will all be printed out and become something for the kids and grandkids to hold on to if they want….

  2. What Great Music – gotta find out how to get that tune on my alarm clock – I would start setting the alarm everyday. what a great way to strut happy into the day. Expercise first thing in thre morning.
    One question. What is Miss Blue’s partner WEARING!!!!!!! ANDCOACHSTILLLOVESYOU!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG, How did that woman in blue manage to get dressed? I certainly don’t remember that trend from ‘back in the day.’

    Hope you cranked the sound up for Coach to appreciate. It would get anyone started just to get out of the house!

  4. fun. fun. fun.
    Sherri, I love the surprise of new art everytime I come to read your posts.

    • i love being able to put new art on here…. one more way to express my mood lol… this week it’s all bohemian

      • Dear Ms. Stakes, You have a beautiful looking blog. One thing, however, I would ask of you. Please remove the quotation marks around the heading page my “art” and replace it with my art. Speaking for I’ll bet lots of folks, your ART is real ART not “art”. Do ya get my drift??? Sincerely yours, a loyal reader

  5. That would be a nice way to be woken up! šŸ™‚

  6. Hahahaha…I remember the outfits from that era!

    • we all thought we looked so freakin hot! lol now i look back at the wings in my hair and all the satin & sequins and wonder what the heck was i thinking????

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