Jul 292012

What a long and non-productive day yesterday. Well, not totally. We did manage to make it to the feed store and out to see the horse. So now he’s stocked up on feed for the month – and he is now sporting a really cool fly mask. I don’t know how those ponies stand having that shit on their faces. It would make me absolutely C.R.A.Z.Y.! Okay, maybe not if I had flies in my eyes and up my nose continuously, all day and all night. Of course, I don’t defecate in my room so the probability of having that many flies in my living space is next to nil.

I have a hard time with those masks when I go visit the ponies. I can’t see their eyes, they can see out but we can’t see in. And when dealing with animals, I really like to be able to see their eyes. So much depth in there…

Internet is such a crucial part of my life. My existence as I know it depends on having access to the interwebs. And we have really shitty internet service here. I mean, really shitty. Some days there is no connection at all. Talk about going through DT’s! I’m kidding… I can survive just fine without internet access… but it sure enhances my day when I do have it. Anyway, at this old folks park we live in there is only access to wifi. Now, in this day & age, you’d think that wifi would be alright. And typically, in most any other city, it is. But here… eh, not so much. It’s way slow, it’s unpredictable as far as connectivity, and it’s shared with whoever might be in the area. Right now there are about 75 people in the park. When winter comes, holy cow… it’s going to be bad. There will be in excess of 300 old folks trying to share this wifi connection.

I have looked and looked for an internet provider. There just aren’t any for us. I cannot get DSL … AT&T U-Verse? Not available. Roadrunner? Not available. NetZero? Not available. Shit, I can’t even get Cricket or Clear. Or Hughes satellite internet… can you believe that satellite internet is not available here? I guess the Universe has decided that the old folks (a.k.a. winter Texans) don’t really need internet that is of good quality, hell, even just adequate quality. I mean, surely old folks are not internet people right? Pft. They ALL use Skype… woot! Go old folks! I’m all for all the generations leaping into the 21st century and utilizing all that is out there. However, they get on Skype talking to their family and friends for long periods of time, effectively hogging up the invisible waves of available bandwidth, which knocks the rest of us OFF the internet. Bastards!

I want to know – how come Sirius radio doesn’t offer internet? They have great satellite service… good streaming for music obviously. I sure wish they’d check in to offering internet service as well…

Such is life…

Did you know that there are things that have happened in the future that we don’t know about yet? We will learn about them in the future. Such is the time-space continuum. Think about the speed of light. Now think about stars. Those bodies of matter that put off light are infinity away from the earth. By the time we see the light produced by a star, chances are it has already burned out. Isn’t that a wicked thought? When I really sit and think about it, well, my mind is sort of blown. If there was a spaceship or other unimagined vessel that could travel faster than the speed of light, and I were to climb aboard for an adventure, and I traveled for say a few hours on that vessel…. depending on the speed, when I returned to earth it would be in the future. Things will have been subject to time, aged, changed… and I would have too, but at a much slower rate. That’s mind boggling.

If this were possible, if… I could climb aboard this imagined vessel, making sure to pack everything I could possibly need for several years of vessel time. I could live up there traveling at incredible speeds, returning to the earth in the future – maybe when there is a cure for this blasted disease. I will have aged and my disease progressed, but certainly I would not be as advanced since I have been living on vessel time which would be less time than earth time…
(ie 10 years on a vessel traveling at the speed of light equals about 25,000 earth years)
Will the earth be here in 25,000 years? Maybe I should consider living on the vessel for just 1 year… surely the earth will be here in 250 years… and medical science will most likely be so much more advanced.

The only real problem I see with this is that when I return to earth, my family will be gone since no one lives for 250 years. So if this were something I did, they would have to go with me. Plain & simple, they’d just have to pack it up and go with me.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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