May 032013

Actually, I arrived home late last night… or rather early this morning.

I brought home some really good information from the conference. But the price I paid to get it is profound. From my previous posts, you can tell that there were some trials I was confronted with. Mostly it was annoyance and not truly trial. Until last night.

I flew from Vegas to Houston, leaving Vegas at 3PM and scheduled to arrive in Houston at 8PM. That part of my trip went fairly well. Well, except for the 2 miles that one must walk in order to get to the gate. Oh, and the 1 hour long line to get groped by the TSA. Actually, that wasn’t so bad… the TSA part, not the waiting part. I was x-rayed and patted down without incident – both going out there and coming home.

On a flight, there is no news. There are no wireless devices allowed. And let me tell you… there was news that we needed to know. I am confused as to why the flight crew didn’t clue us in….

#008080;">#008080;">1 killed in Houston airport shooting

Now this happened several hours before my flight arrived, and a different terminal than said arrival. But it did occur at the gate my connecting flight was departing from.

So… I arrive in Houston at terminal C and my connecting flight was at terminal B. I’m tired, I’m hot, and the airport is a chaotic madhouse. I still have no clue about what’s happened and I couldn’t believe how jam packed the airport was at 8 o’clock on a Thursday night.

Terminal B is about 56 miles from terminal C. Okay, well maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. I know though, that I walked about 1 1/2 miles to get from the terminal to the tram which transports the herds from one terminal to the next. My legs were failing and I was in extreme pain… whole body pain. The stupid MS beast was fairly quiet the entire trip until then. So I was walking through the airport sobbing and praying. I asked for a chair ride but because I had no proof of disability I was denied. Denied! They said the airport was so busy and there were tons of people who did have proof of requiring assistance that I was not able to take advantage of the courtesy chairs or rides. Bastards.

I was becoming increasingly concerned that I would miss my connecting flight because I was moving so slowly. It took me 45 minutes to get from terminal C to terminal B. And when I finally made it…. oh man… the chaos was so much worse.

At that point I still had no clue that there had been a shooting in terminal B.

All the main gates were closed and we were shuttled downstairs to an alternate site. This site was still part of the airport but it was obvious the area was used only for dire situations.

And the lobby area was full… beyond full. There were people waiting for flights that had been there for more than 12 hours, some because of what had happened, some because of the snow storms creating a backlog at other airports. Because of the shooting, terminal B had been closed down, flights diverted or canceled all together. By the time I arrived in the bowels of the airport they were just beginning to find planes and crews for the afternoon flights. People were angry and rude and beside themselves.

Eventually, I made it out of there… about 1 1/2 hours late. But I made it out of there.

By the time I pulled in to my driveway at home, I was a goner… but I couldn’t fall asleep.

As I walked in the front door of the tin can, something wasn’t right. I was splashing through water…. yes, water. About 2 inches of water standing on the floor. Coach was sound asleep in bed.

The toilet was running, and running and running… and overflowing. These things happen. I gathered up a ton of towels, shut the water off and began mopping up water.  Coach got up and helped me.

And then I went to bed.

This morning it’s off to work. I’m going to be late, obviously…


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Home At Last”

  1. I have been lollygagging around and lost track of you. The first time I read your blog and you end up “backpacking” through an airport after a shooting!!! Makes me wonder what I have been missing. Really thought, I’m glad you made it back OK and are recuperating. I always enjoy reading your blog because you write so well and make things engaging and interesting even when you are describing your misadventures.

    • Hi Ila! I hope all is well with you… I’ve missed you! I’ve lost track of your site as well. I need to get back onto the G+ stuff… I have been rebelling against it LOL

      I made it home safely, a little worse for the wear but home nonetheless…

  2. Okay, not entirely appropos here, but sometimes the shit hits the fan. Glad you made it home.

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