Dec 242011
  • i can’t imagine being the age i am and having a baby brother or sister….
  • this morning i took pause to wonder…. when do you suppose the TSA will set up check points on the highways and by-ways of this great country?
  • would make their gift “shopping” a bit easier, eh?
  • i have received a gift… one that seems to be passed around.. re-gifting.. sucks
  • it’s a cold/allergy/respiratory crap…
  • and there was no pretty bow or paper or anything….
  • just in time for Christmas
  • speaking of Christmas, i’m working…
  • yeah
  • but since i already got my present – not the cold – and no tree, or decorations, or turkey, well, it’ll be alright
  • coach & i are having Christmas dinner with his stepson and then meeting with other family for the rest of the week
  • will be nice… it’s about the love, the family, Christ
  • so working will be fine… i still have the most important parts
  • i’ve been giving coach his gifts as they arrive… i have stretched Christmas out over the past week or so
  • i like that
  • he has one more coming… it’s the big one….

  • no worries, he’s seen it already… this was a gift i couldn’t do on my own…
  • it’s a replacement for the trophy buckle that has mysteriously disappeared along the way…
  • the guy who made it for me caused a giggle to erupt….
  •  when i explained it was a replacement buckle he said “let me guess… ex-wife or pawn shop?” haha
  • he went on to tell me that about 90% of all buckles he makes as replacements are the result of an ex-wife…funny
  • why in the world would someone pay $200 for a pair of tennis shoes?
  • people were mauled, trampled, and otherwise maimed over damn shoes
  • this might rub some the wrong way…but  here i go anyway…. if you can afford to pay $200 for shoes, then i think maybe you could give up your food stamps and pay your own rent….
  • just sayin
  • oh, one last thing… i’m glad we were able to afford sending Obama and family + guests + security + all the other goons to Hawaii for Christmas… makes me all warm and fuzzy to know i helped give that gift
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Ok, last things first. If McCain won, we would be sending Sarah Palin to Alaska. It’s not quite as far as Hawaii, but much further than Camp David. President Obama has roots in Hawaii – so why not send him there for his vacations, like we do for all Presidents?

    I heard on the news that those Air Jordans were selling for $380, not $200. Did I hear wrong? In any case, it’s a travesty. And how do you know that all those who were lined up to buy them are on Food Stamps, or don’t pay their rent? Because they didn’t look rich? They were going to sell them on the internet – E-Bay – Craig’s List… the new and fast was to make a buck. I even heard an interview with a guy who was paying folks to stand in line to buy the shoes for him so he could resell on-line! Crazy.

    Re-gifting? Ha. We do that in my sorority at the Christmas party. There are two or three tacky items that get passed on from one year to the next. Funny thing is, there are enough of us that we can never remember who got it the year before. Also, it’s never the only gift you get. I have been re-gifted twice – one was a butt-ugly serving tray, and the other was a butt-ugly 4″ goldfish necklace on a heavy gold chain. Always good for a laugh. I wore it to one of our “dressy” events. But obvious re-gifting in real life is in poor taste, and should be saved to gift back to the giver next year. Make a joke of it. Obviously, someone was trying to save money – so return the favor with a smile.

    Most of all, enjoy your Christmas with your family. MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHERRI!

    • i have no problem at all with the President’s having vacations and we the people paying the salary… that is the standard for any job… but when i take vacation, i receive my 40 hours compensation and nothing more… if i travel, i have to pay for that… it’s not just this President that i complain of… i don’t think the taxpayers should be for any of them to go on non-work related trips…

      at our mall here the shoes were on sale for $195… and the people i know of around here that bought them are indeed receiving all sorts of aid monthly… i know that not all who bought the shoes are down and out… oh and i did hear of someone last night that was buying them to resell… very innovative! make some money off the madness LOL

      we used to re-gift all the time LOL that one gift that no one else wants… funny! but this year, the only thing being re-gifted is this dang cold/sinus/allergy junk that coach & i keep passing back and forth… ugh

      i hope that you have a wonderful Christmas Webster! Merry Merry Christmas!

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