Aug 162011

my fat ass hit the floor….

dead hot garden out in front of my new office

total exhaustion… it has been a busy couple of days around here. the office in which I work was moved to a new location… right next door actually… just down the sidewalk… not far… but it’s a step up from what we had… you see, I work in a sub-station of the police department and our office is located on a high school campus…in a portable. I hadn’t been in a portable building since maybe the 10th grade…it was weird the first time I went in there…

anyhow… we moved to another portable next door… it’s bigger, and a year or two newer maybe…we get the entire portable instead of having to share it… most of the portables around the district are of the duplex variety, as is the new one… but the difference is that in this office we get the WHOLE THING…both sides…cool! lots and lots of space…

there are a few reasons for the move, space being the obvious one….

in the original office, there were bugs… lots and lots of bugs…I found 3 scorpions just this month…and red wasps coming in through the roof …. and ants…ants marching everywhere! oh, and I best not forget the spiders… many varieties of spiders…the new office is sure to have some creatures that will want to co-habitate but I’m sure the population will decrease as there are no holes in the ceiling…

another nice thing about this new portable…. 2 POTTIES!  this is huge…. I’m the only girl that works in the office…. and sharing a potty with the boys isn’t bad really… I mean, we all have to go so that doesn’t bother me… even the seat being left up isn’t that big a deal for me… but what is a big deal is the lack of flushing that occurs frequently… there is nothing like coming to work on a bright & shiny Monday morning only to find…

a huge boom boom that has been left for discovery!

just disgusting… mind you, I work with adults…. grown ass men… leaving boom boom in the terlet… what the hell!?

so now I have my own potty…that deserves a big hoorah


back to my ass hitting the floor…

I know you are all sick of hearing about the hot as hades weather around here…. but it is hot as hades….

I didn’t have to do any actual moving but I did pack up boxes and organize things… lots of bending, stooping, shoving, pulling, tugging… and it just wore me out…that was yesterday.

today was one of arranging furniture… 6 desks, bookshelves, printers, computers, tables, chairs… and on and on… finally, my ass just hit the floor… couldn’t take it anymore…

good thing the boom boom boys were not around…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “heat+work+stress=ass on the floor”

  1. Ok, you seem to have a theme going on here the poo backup now the boom booms LOL
    All that moving sounds exhausting.

    I think Donna is on to something men do have that extra rang of motion. Ok just for coach I am sure his has a larger arc. 🙂 Just had too yah know?

  2. Boom boom boys — too funny. I always hate the sticky floor around the toilet in the mens’ room. Like they’ve been having too much fun extra range of motion or something.

    So, you had your camera with you when you hit the floor? Just kidding and sorry. The whole moving thing sounds rugged. Glad you’re gaining some good things from it.

  3. Sharing a restroom with guys is never a picnic.

    You made me laugh out loud at the library. These people were looking at me like I’m crazy. LOL

  4. Not surprised your ass hit the floor. Gravity was getting to mine just reading about what you have been up to – in vile hot weather as well.
    Cherish that toilet. Lock it and love it.

  5. weren’t we recently discussing moving, packing, organizing????
    what is more exausting than that? But everything we can see from the one pic looks clean and new. More space is good. A toilet JUST for yourself is sooooo nice. Keep it locked, so when the boom boom boys are occupied, they don’t slip into yours!

  6. This post worthless without pics.
    I was expecting to see some heat+work=ass!!
    (yes I am feelin’ ornery!)

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