Aug 032011

one of the most prominent topics around is obviously the heat….


hot heat hell hades

totally insane!

absolutely NO RELIEF in site….

hot as hades!

i worry about coach and the kids out there on the field…. so many stories popping up about coaches and players dying in this heat… he is staying very hydrated and doing what he can to remain cooled down… and they are taking exceptional care of the players…. water stations everywhere as well as scheduled water breaks… they are in the first week of 2 a days naturally…. they say that most of the heat related deaths occur in the first week of practice… the body hasn’t adjusted yet to the exertion or the heat… say a prayer or two for them all…


as for me, same o same o… shaky, nauseous, confused, tingly, itchy, rashy… damn weather…

if a super collider can be invented, then why can we not alter the weather patterns? i used to hear stories about “seeding” clouds to produce rain…. um, hello? can someone please go plant the cloud garden… please?

work, well, work is work… hot, walking campuses and facilities…today i am walking 2 football stadiums… safety audits… happy happy joy joy

last night i was so hot… it doesn’t cool down at night until around 4 am… when we went to bed it was still in the high 90’s… which means our tin can doesn’t really cool down much…. anywho

jan suggested filling up the bathtub with ice water and getting in…sounds heavenly! except that we don’t have a bathtub… i had been trying to get my fat ass in the kitchen sink…but, well… you know…

i continue dreaming of walk-in coolers…i think that is the perfect solution for those of us with heat intolerance…. don’t you think it would be just the best thing ever to have your very own personal walk-in cooler at home?

man…. heaven

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. is it this hot every summer in tx or is it just the ever increasing global warming?
    i’m praying for tx temps to go down and also for coach and the kids in the field.
    hydrated is good, good. in israel when the kids played outside in the summr het with comparable temps, soccer & whatever, they kept their heads wet with cold water and their hats wet too. every break they dipped their heads in a bucket of cold water. in that kind of heat the head needs to be wet to help the body cool down. mention to coach that tip.
    How about if you kept your little feet in a bucket of cold water and your head wet too.
    it really helps to lower body heat.
    be well, be well, be well!

    • this summer is exceptionally bad… we do have days with triple digit temps most every summer… but never this long run of them together… and to make matters worse, we’ve had no significant rain at all… i think it’s rained a total of 5 minutes since february…. we got not spring showers this year at all…. bleh

      coach and the kids are doing well keeping their heads wet.. he’s using one of my cooling neck wraps as well… i have ice packs that i keep with me and place them in various spots of my body… as soon as i get to my office i take off my shoes and go barefoot in the office…that seems to help a bit….

      i know this will pass….

      i think about the middle east and the extreme heat that is normal there… i think about those living in the deserts, the soldiers fighting, all of them… and i wonder how in the world they make it! our heat is cooler than what they have…. and here i am bitching about it being hot

  2. Aaaargh. In summer I turn into a troll and only come out at night. Awful, awful, awful temperatures you are having. My heart goes out to you.

    My smaller portion’s mother used to put their pyjamas in the freezer for a little while before they went to bed. Sometimes I would like to put all of my clothes there.

    • ha! what a great idea! although i can’t even bring myself to put pj’s on at this point… i lay there in front of the fan in all my glory …. tonight i have this huge ice pack that i’m rotating around the hot spots…. arm pits, back of neck… chest… back.. top of my head

  3. We could certainly use some rain! Everything is browning out, even my perennials are starting to suffer. Someone go seed the clouds!!!

    • it is awful isn’t it? everything is so dry and brittle and ugly… i’ve been rain-dancing but obviously it is not helping out one little bit… maybe if i rain dance while twirling the hose above my head… if nothing else it will temporarily look like rain around me ha

  4. In all fairness I forgot you did not have tub OK! I really giggled at the sink idea although hanging in the shower might work.

    we really do need to win the lotto so we can purchase our big walk in freezers – augh that sounds so good . …


    • oh how i wish for a tub… as an alternative i could go to the feed store and get one of those aluminium tubs and fill it up… a bit redneck but it would get the job done LOL somehow i don’t think that i’m gonna fit in the sink… no matter how hard i keep trying…

      • What about a small kiddie pool outside, in some shade, like under a canopy?
        Course the water would be warm but cooler than the air!
        And you could dip a sheet in it, wring it out, and put it in the freezer for just enough time to cool it (NOT freeze it), then put it on your bed before you lay upon it.
        I’m thinking it might cool you off enough to fall asleep quickly. Worth a try?? [just tryin’ to help… the weather’s fine here for at least two weeks]

        • i thought about doing the kiddie pool thing… if i put fresh water in it every few hours it would be manageable…. i do the cold packs and cool towels now… they help some… i have to say that those things do make a difference…. and i cut all my hair off once again so that will help too 🙂

          i’m open to any and all suggestions!

          i’m glad the weather there is doing better…. i hate to think of anyone else going thru this crap

          • Nah, you don’t keep putting water innit. You put water in it just before you and Coach sit in it sipping a cool one. By the time you’re done with your beverage, the water’s warm and you’re a little cooler; a coolness that lasts as the water evaporates from your clothes. Stand in front of a fan and you will feel even cooler — for a few minutes.

            You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood! LOL

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