Aug 262011

• Not MY hard drive…
• Although some days it feels as if MY hard drive has failed
• But right now, it’s the HDD on my laptop
• Which is 4 months old
• Good thing it’s still under warranty
• Football started last night… JV… was a good game
• Except for the score part (16-19)
• Tonight is varsity… LBJ vs Hutto
• They pretty much hand us our asses on a nice shiny platter every year…. Every year
• Its fun that football is starting up again…. I enjoy going to the games… watching Coach do his thang
• We had rain yesterday… for about 5.3 minutes… enough to cool it down to about 85 degrees for a few hours… by game time we were back up to 98….
• Still cooler than 100+
• The weather idiots are telling us that its supposed to be 110 today and tomorrow
• My wiring harness can’t handle that kinda heat
• I’m in for an HDD failure myself
• I colored my hair… again… that’s how I roll ha!
• My hero is Penelope Garcia
• I just love her style… and her job… I want THAT job!
• It’s white… blonde… but white
• I like it… been this way before but it’s been a while… I’m getting used to it now
• It’s been pretty quiet around here for me… what with Coach gone until late and all, not much to report…
• I go to work… I go home… I draw, read, water… I eat dinner….
• Coach comes home… we talk for a few minutes… then it’s bedtime
• I start school again soon… I know I quit before… shush
• I’m going to continue the IT path… maybe it could lead to the aforementioned job about 7 bullets up
• And I don’t have to make financial aid payments as long a I’m enrolled in school… killing two birds with one stone… so to      speak
• I enrolled at Western Governors University
• Accredited… and cheap…. $2900 a term… 6 months terms… so less than $6K a year for a degree….
• I likes dat!

ain’t he cute? Akins Scrimmage 2011
Two-a-days 2011
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “HDD Failure? Really?”

  1. HA! love coach’s hat! And your hair! XOXO

  2. 1. Yeah, the Coach is cute. Love the LBJ tee (and I know it doesn’t stand for Lynden Baines Johnson).

    2. Yeah, I like your blondness. Lookin’ good, sistah.

    3. Yeah, I like Penelope Carcia, too. It would be so cool if you could get a job like hers. Getting one on a TV show would be even better, if only because the money would be better.

    4. The new blog look? I like parts of it, but not others. For instance Olive green is one of the more hideous colors ever. Don’t know why God ever invented it. Seriously.

  3. I’ve been out of the loop for a minute, but love the knew look! But its nice to see ya’ll.

  4. Looking great. Both of us. Hope the weather men are lying.

  5. Just gotta love computers. They really make our lives soooo stress free. Ha!!
    Happy new follower from the over 40 blog hop.

  6. Love the hair! Lookin’ hot!

    I have a spare bedroom, so you can come on up to Iowa where it’s only 80-ish degrees. But, it’s…ya know…Iowa.

    Good luck with school! IT is a happenin’ place from what I hear. My brother is a networking IT guy and my husband is a programming IT guy. I’m surrounded!

    P.S. I too adore Penelope Garcia.

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