Jun 122011
  • things have been rockin along pretty well lately… well, except for this dang heat… I’m dying…
  • yes, I’m dramatic…but it’s what every one has come to expect of me …. so
  • I’m dying! it’s freakin hawt! (triple digits every day around here, with no rain at all)
  • I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele…
  • did I mention that I truly love Adele’s music?
  • just checking….


Chasing Pavement
Rolling in the Deep–oh the rhythm!


  • that woman has a voice that we haven’t heard the likes of since, oh I don’t know, Carly Simon? Joni Mitchell? Janis Joplin?
  • my grandgirls are all into the texting thing… 5 years old and texting
  • good practice on spelling and technology… I love it!
  • today I got a text that went something like this:    ffolhenohjl84m;m
  • asked which one it was…
  • the 1 year old! ha!
  • went to a soo-prize birthday party yesterday… was great!
  • it was the 8th annual 25th birthday of my SIL
  • ok so I like that way of doing the math
  • so this year I think I’m going to celebrate the 17th annual 30th birthday
  • I didn’t care of the 20’s so I’ll skip up to 30
  • so I’ve been watching the casey anthony circus
  • I find it very interesting
  • everyone has been bashing her for lying… well….
  • I think it’s a great defense
  • there are so many different lies and stories floating around… if one juror latches on to one part of one lie as maybe possibly being the truth
  • reasonable doubt
  • great defense
  • and everyone was amazed that she got sick and fell apart when they showed the bones that had been gnawed on by animals
  • really?
  • don’t you think that would make anyone sick?
  • let me add some O2 to the flames
  • I don’t think she killed that little girl
  • she is guilty of something
  • but I don’t think she killed her
  • okay, bash me! I’m ready! lemme have it!
  • ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “haven’t done the bullet thing in a while”

  1. This time I know the singer! Funny thing is…I think it may be the same artist you featured before. I comment then that I had never heard of her. Well, now she is everywhere!

    And then there is the heat….I wish I had a nice place up north I could go to during the summer.


    • i have decided alaska is sounding really nice just about now ha! it’s currently 9:07PM and 94 degrees outside…. ugh

      adele is fantastic!

  2. Well crap, I hate that the heat is kicking your ass and making you feel even worse. Bastard heat!!!

    I think she killed her. That chick was out partying her ass off when the child was decomposing in her trunk. I think the sorry bitch is a mental case and will crack at some point and stop wasting everyones time and money and just tell what happened. Sorry piece of shit.

    And I think of ALL the people in the world that would be fabulous parents and cannot do so. So sad for that little girl.

    • you are right… there are so many people who would make such good parents and are unable to have them… i too feel bad for them… and no child, no person for that matter, deserves to have their life ended by another….

      but watching this trial so far, i haven’t seen much that conclusively points the finger at casey… don’t get me wrong, i think she knew, i think she is guilty of something… i am just not convinced that she is the killer….

      she is very messed up… she has some SERIOUS psyche issues…

      and i have to wonder…was she partying it up…. or was she self-medicating to escape the reality of what happened? and why is her dad such a controlling force in her mind? she doesn’t say anything or do anything that has been directed by her dad… or so it seems….

      there are so many aspects of this crime that we will never know… so many family secrets…. the kind of secrets that destroyed a child

  3. Adele rocks! Sorry it is so hot Heat shuts my arse down so fast it is not funny at all.
    this keyboard is so tiny that my usual clumbsy fingers are not hitting the keys lol
    so zip zip and all that speed dermon stuff

    • i hate this heat… can’t think…can’t walk… not hungry (may or may not be a good thing)… and i feel as though i have fire ants eating me up…. bleh

      good thing someone had the presence of mind to invent air conditioning!

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