Mar 082012

the nicest vampire nurse came to see me this afternoon….after 4 sticks we finally have successful installation of the heparin lock… meds will be delivered this afternoon so i can begin my days of self-infusion… never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be giving myself IV’s and definitely it was not on the bucket list (i think i’ll add it so i can scratch it off, or is that cheating) …. i worked as a nurse for several years and have been on the giving end… and i’ve been a patient on the receiving end… but never at home doing it myself…the adventures on this journey are countless

notice the lovely and various colors of the hand and arm? ah, raynaud’s… that only adds to the fun of hardware installation… the hand was obviously not the first choice to be wearing this hardware for the next several days… the first stick was on the forearm of left limb… second stick was inner arm above the elbow on the right side…. third stick was on the left hand about where the tubing is lying now… and the fourth stick finally was a good’un in the left hand ….

i have sorta small veins naturally… add to that the raynaud’s junk and well, my veins are less than accommodating… thankfully the vamp nurse was kind and patient…. very patient… those 4 sticks were well thought out, very well planned…. nothing was decided on in a hurry… but alas, the veins were yelling “oh, hell no” and retreated upon the first stick…. bastards

hep lock has been installed

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are one tough chick! I am trying to catch up with you, I am having a hard time sitting in a chair for very long, but I wanted you to know that I am pulling for you and all this crazy injection stuff…gurr… I would pass right the heck out, flat cold, my kids would have to call 911.It is so great that you like your neuro , I get to see a new one on the 21st , I’m kinda ready to punch a DR. I have figured most of my stuff out myself and I can’t get rid of this blasted UTI and I am having hot flashes, can’t figure out if it is menopause or some ridiculous thing my body is doing. Anyhoo, I have raynauds too, I am the ridiculous mom cooking dinner in furry socks with boots and a winter coat on inside the house. I feel like I am on another planet…Thank you for sharing I feel a little less alone.

  2. wow!  sounds like my experiences the 1st year and a half of Tysabri!  we are kindred spirits across the miles with small veins 🙂

    btw…LOL @ “vampire nurse”

    •  i hate the small vein thing… really inhibits some of the things they want to do to me… of course, it could be that somewhere in this messy mind i don’t really want them to do those things… hahaha

  3.  So good that you don’t have to be an in patient though.  The last couple of times I was on steroids (which no longer work for me) I had it as a ‘hospital in-the-home’ patient.  Much, much better.  Good luck.  I will be thinking of you.

    •  this is a first round  for me…. i did the first infusion this morning and so far so good… no major issues… just that horrible yuck mouth flavor… my trusty cheeseburger tasted like warmed up doo doo on a bun! eewww

      •  Would you believe that the administering nurse tried to tell me I was imagining the ‘something died in my mouth’ thing?  Mint.  Spearmint sticks, mint leaves, minty anything helped.  Sending heaps of good wishes your way.

  4. Sherri, I’m not a real doctor; I just play one on the blogosphere! However, I’m curious about the heparin. Isn’t that a blood thinner? I thought you were getting some ‘roids. I’m the exact opposite of you — I have big, fat veins, and phlebotomists love me! Good luck with this new treatment.

    •  ah no heparin…. well just a tad to keep the line from clotting between ‘roiding up lol and you are right… heparin is a blood thinner… so the way these iv ports work is that it stays in place unattached to an iv between infusions. because there’s nothing flowing in, blood clots can develop occluding the port… so a smidge of heparin is injected to fill the port to keep it clot free…. if clots develop they have to pull the line out and stick me again… eek!

      my veins have always been sort of puny but they have gotten so much worse over the past few years… funny thing is that i was diagnosed with raynaud’s about 5 or 6 years ago…. i would almost bet that it’s always been secondary to the MS beast and the beast just hadn’t fully reared it’s ugly head yet….

  5. speaking of vampires (again), your new adornments would fit in at a Goth Rave. (see Abbie on NCIS)
    Yes, it’s very pesky these rebelious veins – When I need sticking or IV’s, all I hear is “ok, we’ve got an IV issue here.
    I didn’t know you were a nurse.  Suits your heart.  Always another adventure.  sigh.

    •  coach and i LOVE abby! she is the greatest…. well except for maybe garcia on criminal minds…. i can totally relate to her

      stupid arse veins…. it’s like they have a mind of their own and know when some giant pointy thing is coming to skewer them

      i was a nurse…. and for the most part i loved it… it was in the late 80’s just when HIV was being “discovered”… actually named and publicized… and back in the beginning they didn’t allow medical staff to know about patients with communicable diseases so there was a very high risk to us providing patient care… not just HIV but also Hep and some others… i worked in the emergency room and ICU mostly, and I got a certification in respiratory therapy too… my hospital nursing ended when i became very ill… they didn’t figure out what it was for a long time… turns out i had been infected with Hep B and we were even able to pin point the patient that i got it from… he had bitten me while i was drawing blood gases… nasty little booger! so i left hospital nursing and went to work in a juvenile psychiatric residential facility… that i just LOVED. it was so rewarding… truly. i floated around a bit doing some home health nursing, and some nursing home work too…. then i just burned out…

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