May 222011

I’m still here…. thought you might like to know that ha

It’s been a wonderful Saturday… truly. I had planned on sleeping late this morning but Queen Beulah had other plans… she woke me at 7:30 as usual. I got up and she got in bed…bitch…. I managed to stay awake although I was incredibly tired…eyes burning kind of tired… Coach got up too… and we had things we wanted to do…

For me, it was a trip to Jerry’s Artarama…woot! Don’t you know I could spend a wad of cash in this joint… as luck would I have it, I don’t have a wad of cash. So I bought a 19×24 bristol drawing pad…that’s going to make some BIG art!


And I bought a few pens and a smudge stick… but I saw o so many things I want!

Coach spotted a drafting table that would be PERFECT for me… sits up high, angled, lots of surface space… oh baby, won’t you build me one of those? Momma would love you forever!

After the sweating and palpitating all over the art store, it was off to Home Depot…Coach has a few projects of his own he’s working on. Mostly, replacing walls, insulation and things of that nature in our RV. It’s an older model tin can we live in and it needs a bit of TLC…so Coach has been taking care of that….

Homeward bound! And nap time… Coach sleeps in his recliner, I in the bed. Somehow I managed to nap for 3 freakin hours! Now I know that means I needed the rest, but my word…. I hate sleeping away my day off…. sheesh

Up and moving again a bit after 6ish… okay not really moving again, that takes me a few hours…so 8ish we head to the B for some groceries…. and a few other goodies…..
I don’t care what anyone says… these are a necessity!
There was storm brewing, and although it never really made it into Austin, we did get to see the edge of the storm clouds, and the sun… gorgeous… my cell camera doesn’t do it justice at all…


We saw the most goofy car ever I think… this guy had decorated his car in true hood fashion…this is a horrible picture…. the car is a toyota… he had emblems from other car makes ALL OVER! Lining the hood, trim, creases, trunk… top…every where! And… on the antenna was a skeleton… and on the spoiler were trophies… yes, trophies… he cut them off the stands and glued them onto the spoiler… man I wish you could see that in this picture… truly one of a kind!

And now dinner is done (meat patties and salad)… it’s almost time for dessert (see the above pic of cones)… and we are enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company….

Happy Rapture!

  •  May 22, 2011
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