Oct 082012

I am sleeping so much right now that it’s beginning to make me crazy… or it would make me crazy if I could stay awake long enough to go there. Ha! I’m doing what I can these days to listen to my body & just give in to what it’s requesting… like it or not. I suppose that’s probably the best thing for me right now.

We have these great big tall palm trees all around us. The Valley is loaded with them. I’m used to oak trees, pecan trees, and the like. I am guessing they don’t fare so well down here because all the trees are palm or citrus in these parts of the state. Anyway… I don’t know much about palms. I learned today that they must be trimmed back. Once a year the park has someone come in and give the trees a new fresh haircut. This man came around today with these big straps around his legs and spikes on his boots. He had a chainsaw roped to his body… and he just crawled up the tree. No effort that I could see. Now these trees…. they are really TALL… like a 5 or 6 story building I would guess. And he just made his way up there… amazing to watch.

The palms all look sort of bald now… that’s a lot of fronds they cut off! I asked why they do this and it’s because when they get to bushy, well, critters like to live in them….bats, rats, etc…. I’m so glad they did this!

While I had my camera outside I decided to click a few more photos… I have an aloe vera plant…first one ever. It’s really getting huge. Lots of fornicating going on in it’s pot…

And a few shots of Beulah to round out the afternoon…

Our weather today has been fantastic! Overcast & grey all day with the temperature barely reaching 71 degrees. Perfect weather for me. I’ve had the windows open all day. Alas, it all changes tomorrow… and by Wednesday we are back up into the 90’s once again…. Boo!

I spent some time meeting our backyard neighbor today. She’s a really nice lady. She is a widow, in her 80’s and FEISTY! We enjoyed a cigarette & coffee in her home. She was giving me the scoop on the goin’s on around the senior park. Apparently, these old folks are messy! Jean (my new friend) was telling me about a widowed man who lives at the end of her block who is 92. He has lots of the widowed women in the park as friends. Well, it would seem some of the other women refer to his friends as his harem! Jean said she goes with it because it’s funny to see the others get all riled up about it LOL She was also telling me about the various cliques around the park, who was the gossip queen, and a little background on some of the other winter residents. It was fun listening to her talk.

She’s had a tough road in her life. She has 3 children that have died…one son had lupus for 22 years before his body gave up, another son died of cancer from agent orange, and the most devastating story of all was that of her daughter. She was killed in a car crash. Jean was driving. I cannot imagine how you move past something like that. And her husband blamed her. Jean was telling me the crash was not her fault but her husband always said it was. Bless her heart. I just cannot imagine.

I’m kinda looking forward to the return of the Winter Texans. It sounds as if it’s going to be a hoopla with a pinch of Peyton Place mixed in. Ha! I’m sure I’ll have some entertaining stories to tell in the coming months.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Happenings in the Senior Living RV Park”

  1. I love doggy snouts!! I also like their eyes — it’s as if you’re looking into a liquid pool of unconditional love.

    Oh, I can’t wait for these stories! I swear you could (and should) write a book!


  2. It seems to be an animal thing. Jewel really doesn’t like her photo taken. Jazz does. Consequently we have a zillion photos of him, and very few of her. I am looking forward to the stories of the Winter Texans.

  3. I love dog noses! Beulah’s is great!

    • Oh I’m so glad someone else like dog noses LOL I was afraid I was really odd… her nose is so pretty to me… all the little hairs and the colors in her nose fascinate me. She doesn’t care to be the subject of photos much though… normally when I pull out the camera she turns her back to me or goes under the tin can… funny dog

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