Oct 182010

>while contemplating on something to write for my neglected blog ( haven’t posted in a few days…shame on me!), i found a challenge that i have been thinking about. i think it’s going to be difficult – and therefore will challenge me to think creatively…

so the challenge is to write a 100 word post without using the letter “e”…. can you do it? i’m giving in it a whirl – starting NOW! (that means no more “e”s! ack!

my birthday has just past… my dad had an inkling of a gift for said  occasion… dad thought it crowing in it’s simplicity and it’s might. this past saturday, a craft show was going on in a town a short way from dad’s loft. dad sought out said gift with no luck but did find a option that would spawn a happy girl…. Dad found an outstanding gift that has found a  virgin location to sit that occasions vast joy in my mind. Dad bought a pink flamingo of iron and tin….. now standing in my rock spot among many lush palms…. 
HA! I DID IT!!   had to use a thesaurus though… is that cheating?
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “>had to try this… you should too!”

  1. >it was kind of fun to do… and i found that it really made me think of words that i wouldn't normally use… fun stuff!

  2. Cute idea! Yours was great!

  3. Happy belated birthday!

  4. like

  5. Hey that is pretty neat. This is something we should all try. I will sometime maybe this week when my Brain is not on overdrive. Thanks, Kat

  6. LOL, wow that was funny..I am going to give that one a whirl tomorrow…good going…nah it’s not cheating, but bet it was time consuming…but you did good….we should all try that…should I use E or something else…Stay tuned you will see tomorrow…LOL…way to go…..Fab

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