Jan 022012
  • i’ve been MIA
  • sorry
  • i’m sick… i just can’t seem to kick this cold/laryngitis/sinus/allergy thing… it’s just lingering on
  • i hate not having a voice… i’m not near as cute without my sarcastic wit and that giggle o mine
  • finally! finally tonight i found a skirt for the wedding…whew! i was beginning to truly stress… only 4 more days to go
  • everything else is set up and ready to go
  • i still can’t believe that man wants to marry me πŸ™‚
  • the Christmas break has been great – other than the no voice, hacking up bits of lung thing
  • we spent the first few days at home
  • last week we spent in Rockport with mom
  • i so love that area down there by the bay…salt air… mmmm

  • once we got home, well i just sort of isolated and collapsed… not literally but you know what i mean
  • i have been vegetating and fermenting, not present in the digital village here at all
  • we go back to work on wednesday
  • i’m not looking forward to it… i have so enjoyed having this time off… truly
  • but alas, it’s back to the grind
  • oh, coach has a gazillion applications out there… praying for a change… a move, a new challenge, a new school… pray with us if you like
  • hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday/Winter Break
  • and no resolutions for this girlie… nope, not gonna do it, can’t make me … don’t believe in them
  • each morning i wake up has a resolution … so that’s like 356 resolutions a year… fluid, changing with the day, with the needs…
  • works better for me that way


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “hacking bits o lung”

  1. yeah glad the do dad’s and skirt etc are purchased! Your gonna look just marvelous. Lot’s of pics will be taken I hope?
    Pelicans – I wanna find some too LOL love the one that is glowing and all the other comments on the G apply

  2. ____ (Β―`(β™₯)´¯) _____(Β―`(β™₯)´¯)
    ___ΒΆΒΆ (_.^._)ΒΆΒΆ__ΒΆ_ΒΆΒΆ(_.^._)ΒΆΒΆ
    ____________ ΒΆΒΆΒΆΒΆΒΆ

    Looking forward to hearing all about your wedding. How exciting!

  3. “β€’each morning i wake up has a resolution …”

    Love that! And I hope that nasty cold or whatever it is goes away before your big day. It is an unwelcomed, uninvited guest!

    Those are beautiful photographs.

  4. Yeah, what TEC said. Lots.

    Four More Days. So you are getting married on the 6th? (or is it the 5th??) The 6th is 12th Night, FWIW. Don’t think there’s any significance to that, though.

    Glad you found a skirt… and hopefully a top to go with it.

    Hack up all the rest of that junk before you take the vows, okay? Just do it.

    Oh, I am so excited for you both. Best Wishes and Congratulations!!

  5. Get better soon. And post a kazillion pictures of the wedding.

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