May 242011


I hate having trust issues….

Moving along….

A few weeks ago, or maybe longer – can’t remember for sure-, someone broke into Coach’s toolbox and stole almost all of his man toys…. Last summer I caught a thug trying to steal our bicycles at 4:30 in the morning… he didn’t get them, I scared him off with a little help from Queen Beulah…

This morning I went outside for my morning smoke and found a wire hanger that had been cut and bent… certainly appeared to me to be a tool used for picking, breaking, or otherwise violating someone else’s personal space. Bastards.

I called the Sheriff’s office and set up a close patrol. They will be stepping up the patrols through our little hood for the next month or so. Why must people be so ugly?

Got my evaluation at work today. Was better than I was anticipating. Good. And the little box at the bottom that says “retain” was checked off…whew!

My SIL and his partners had a close brush with heaven today… we aren’t ready to let him go there yet. Thank God he and his compadres are all fine… the outcome wasn’t all good though. I can’t speak more than that….keep those LEO’s in your prayers… oft times they are doing a job the rest of us don’t want to do… they are there when we call and they help keep us safe… I’m ever so grateful for the guardian angels they carry with them!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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