May 182013
  • I’m so grateful that we don’t have to run around in circles, spinning one direction then the other, before sitting on the toilet. How exhausting that would be. (we just got back from walking the dog in case your wondering where that thought came from)
  • I didn’t win a ding dang thing all week long at work. There were some great prizes and I’m certain the folks that won are deserving and happy with the score. There will be more opportunities … it seems like at least every other month, for one reason or another, there are raffles & drawings.
  • Part of the festivities yesterday helped me to fully realize that we are indeed living life in the valley. That’s not a bad thing. I’m just out & about more now that I’m working so I’m experiencing things I didn’t before. This thing yesterday, a contest which awarded a large flat screen HD LED television… Grito Mexicano. Here’s an example: (the grito can be heard really well starting at the 2:33 mark at the end of the hat dance)

  • I picked up a bottle of sangria tonight… yum! I like to drink it mixed about 3/4 sangria & 1/4 sprite. mmmmmmm
  • Coach & I went to the all-star football game tonight. One of his players was picked to be on the team. I saw more men’s underwear than in a department store. The guys down here don’t “sag” the way we’re used to seeing but they like the low rise jeans. And I don’t know that men’s underwear comes in low rise styles. There were lots of pretty colors and designs… lots of pink and turquoise and purple. At least they’re fashionable.
  • I think I mentioned before that the park we live in butts up against a neighborhood. The front door of our tin can faces the privacy fence that separates us from said neighborhood. And in this neighborhood they like to host parties. More than a few nights a week, at least one home will have a backyard party with loud tejano music, beer, fajitas (which smell quite tasty when cooking). Anyhow, tonight when we arrived home there was one such party going on. And at least one party goer was at some point having a very large time… and by large I mean he partook of too much adult beverage. The resulting sounds weren’t pleasant. Bless his heart. The party has been over for 1/2 hour or as of this writing… I stepped out on the porch and that party goer is still out there making some pretty harsh sounds… and as he’s puking up everything from his toes, a woman is getting after him… it’s all in spanish so I have no idea what she’s saying to him, but her tone tells me it ain’t good. I’m thinking I-Hop won’t be on his agenda in the morning.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “Grito Mexicano, Men’s Underwear, and the Party Goer”

  1. Disgusting. I hope he puked on his side of the fence, and the heat of the day dried it up really well.

  2. Hey Sherri it was so good to see your voice on my blog. No, wait that did’t make sense… Well, you know what I mean.
    Your party animal neighbors reminded me: Since I quit drinking my life is not perfect- I still wake up on the wrong side of the bed but thank God its been years since I woke up on the wrong side of the driveway.

    • Hey Kevin! It’s nice to have time to read and comment again… not to mention the energy too LOL

      It’s nice to know you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the driveway any longer… that could be a bit troublesome I would imagine.

  3. I once worked with a young man who said that how many times you were sick was a measure of how ‘good’ the night was. Very different definitions…

    • You know, somehow I just can’t equate the act of puking with having a good time LOL I’ve never understood that concept… I know it’s out there because I’ve seen it in action… but man.

  4. When we first moved to Oregon we ended up in an apartment complex that was NOT a good place for a family. Live and learn. Three doors down was an apartment where 12 to 15 Hispanic men lived. No women. It was party city. They would get wasted, then sit outside and sing. And barf. It did have its humorous side, but I’m glad we don’t live there anymore. Too noisy.

    • It does get old pretty quickly. I love hearing the music.. at a sort of normal decibel… and I like to hear people laughing and having a good time. But there’s a line that should be drawn somewhere …

  5. And flowers…..He had a aweshit moment….

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