Aug 182011

since my move to the new blog site, i have lost more than 100 readers… makes me sad… and just since last night i’ve lost another 31 readers!

that just tells me that i really need to rethink what i’m doing here and come up with an action plan! i need to step up my game big time….

so, in light of that statement… you guys… the ones who have hung around and are still reading… tell me… what can i do? anything you’d like to know about? any questions i can answer about myself, coach, life, the universe?

i have to find my voice again… i think that is part of the problem.. since the beast took up residence in my wiring harness, i’ve lost something… my writing mojo is gone… or something… i don’t know what… i’m having a very hard time putting a finger on it…

i just know that i love to write… i love the sense of community that i have here… and i am now fearful of losing those of you that are left! you are all so important to me! truly!

help me out here guys!

thanks! much appreciated!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  2. So, have you lost commenters or just readers?

    About the 31 — I notice that close to 30 followers of yours are subscribed through Google Friend connect. Feedburner has been acting up for me and sometimes counting those followers and sometimes not. That may account for the 31 — would be unlikely to have that many unsubscribe in one day.

    Hey, I’ve looked all around and can’t find where to subscribe to a post’s comments. Not the Comments RSS that would subscribe me to all post’s comments. Am I missing something?

    • i noticed today that the feedburner is back up… 23 added from what it showed this morning… so strange LOL

      i have lost some commentors but i think they didn’t switch to the new feed… not much i can do about that…

      i’ll have to check about following comments on a single post…

      Jan??? help a girl out here?? LOL

  3. I suspect when you have a blogger sponsored blog you get more hits just because they promote for you kind a sort of.

    I too have noticed a big drop in readership – hits to the site – but the folks who do comment are most awesome bloggers and I rather have a few good blogging friends than a boat load of followers that never interact with me.

    I still enjoy blogs and sometimes I am remiss about commenting but I do try. I now just blog about whatever I wish and if people dont like what I say then they can (and obviously do) stop following me.

    Maybe we have cooties?

    • i think the thing about my blog that i like the most is the interaction, the comments from you guys… and i don’t expect them all the time… but it’s sort of nice to know you are out there….

      and most certainly i would rather have a few active readers than 100’s that never say boo…

      and i think we are all amazing bloggers as well…..

      p.s. i had my cooties vaccine a few years ago! haha

  4. I am one of your MS blog readers who followed you over from Blogger because I think you’re funny and positive and talented. I’ve been blogging on Blogger for something like three years. I hardly believe it myself. And I have all of 53 readers. Only about 9 of them comment, though. And I’m sure it would help if I posted more often, but I have gotten lazy… or unmotivated …. or brain damaged …. whatever. Because my laptop isn’t close to my printer/scanner, I have a hard time posting images of my Zentangle work, such as it is. That is one of the things I’d like to read about in your blog. Also, share details of your sex life with the Coach. Details please. And more info about how you are managing to cope in the horrendous heat this year. Frankly, I can’t imagine surviving in it with MS.

    OK, you don’t have to share intimate details about you and Coach – unless you want to, of course. lol

    Also, are the number of readers really your motivating factor? While I find it nice, especially as I have gotten to know mine, I don’t write for them – I write for me.

    Be well, keep cool.

    • oh webster! i’m so glad you followed me over…

      i mentioned to coach about your request and he laughed his ass off hahaha

      my blog is for me.. it is the basis of my catharsis…. but when i started noticing readers, and then comments… whoa! how cool was that?

      i write for me…. bottom line… and readers/commentors are such a lovely added bonus to something that i never thought would develop… the sense of community… and i guess i fear losing that

  5. I am such a newbie that I don’t know what I can add. I blog mostly for myself – followers are a bonus. Or at least that it what I thought. It shouldn’t matter when I lose a follower, but it does. Sigh.
    The blogs I follow keep me busy. And I don’t want to define myself by the dread disease. I am more than that (on a good day I hope).
    You are right about the sense of community. It surprised me, and I cherish it.

    • i’m with you…. i didn’t think having others read and comment would matter much…. i was writing to be writing… documenting, venting, logging, journaling… and then when the readers came…. woot! and it does matter… you all matter!

      i write about what pops into my head on that particular day… i don’t want to define myself by this beast of a disease either, but it seems to take over so much of every day that it leaks out much of the time ha… like that disgusting green gak junk oozing from my pores… that’s how i visualize it all

  6. Hi Sherri,

    How’d you lose those 31 readers? Well, I am not going to read if ya puts boobs on here… harrumph.

    I expect your audience has changed…since your diagnosis Sherri, and I think the MS reader audience is limited really. I started my blog a year and a half ago, and I am at 50 followers. Most of them are also MS bloggers, a couple strayed in by accident from my photo blog. I don’t mind having “only” 50 followers. I find it keeps me busy to read their blogs and comment thoughtfully on a regular basis.

    My photo blog (started 7 months ago) is a different story. I have 149 followers and a couple of new followers every week. I attribute that to commenting on and following many photo blogs that I like. It’s a shared interest thing and a courtesy thing. I find that when I comment on blogs, I usually will get a comment on my blog shortly after. Then a new follower…

    Commenting on and following blogs you really enjoy, is one of the best ways to to advertise your own blog.

    Unfortunately many bloggers have what I call a Facebook brain, and just follow a blog to get followers on theirs.

    I would rather have a few loyal followers that want to read what I have to say, than hundreds that just signed on for reciprocation.


    • oh karen! lol i won’t put boobs per se on here! hahaha although i did oblige and put “boobs” here just now for wendell

      i agree that i would rather have a few loyal followers than bunches of just followers… i don’t like that follow me, follow you stuff… i don’t do that…if i am following a blog then i’m a reader…. i’m behind on commenting in a huge way…man am i behind!

      i have to get back on track…

  7. I’ve got some beads laying around here somewhere. Boobs always attract attention. Don’t be hatin… asked!

    Said with a grin from ear to ear…..

  8. How long ago did you move? It can take time to get the new blog found again.
    One quick thought leave a link & description here ~> that will draw some lookers and also when you post something leave a link here ~> that will also draw some lookers.
    What have you tried?

    • this site came up in the beginning of July…. after 2 years on blogger…

      … i had my own domain name even then… about a month before the move was complete, i began telling every one on the blog and i left the link to the new site as well as feed addresses…. oh and i did a redirect as well… all that remained in place on blogger for 2 months before blogger so graciously deleted it all on my behalf LOL

      when on blogger i had just under 300 readers + or – a few as those things go…. i did all the blog promotion stuff on facebook, twitter, blog frog, and other places…. and i continue to do that with the site here…. but not getting the same results…

      truthfully, it’s okay on many levels.. most of the folks here now followed me from the old site and that means they enjoy my blog and interacting with me… and that is what is most important… and i’ve gained a few new readers like yourself…

      i am so glad you are here! i love your blog! i am going to go check out the showcase forums… that is a great idea… thank you!

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