Jan 132013

Well, it was another sleepless night last night. I know, that story is getting old. It is for me too. At some point, maybe around 1ish in the A.M., I was laying in bed reading my book… for some reason I unconsciously rubbed the side of my face/neck near my ear. Good Lord! That caused a huge shocking pain… WTF? I started feeling around a bit and discovered that the lymph node just below my ear near the jaw was really, really swollen. I felt fine… not sure what was going on… but man, did that thing hurt! I decided to not worry about it and continue reading, hoping that I would eventually drift off to sleep.


That wasn’t happening. What in the world was I thinking…. I really believed that I could simply forget about the huge ass lymph gland in my neck and go on to sleep. Horseshit. It took me about an hour but I finally got up and made my way out to the table & my computer. I googled. And googled. And googled some more. I think I wanted to reassure myself that I didn’t have Lymphoma or Hodgkin’s or something dreadful like that. I got to wondering (while trying to concentrate on my book) if lymph nodes could swell because of something going on MS wise. I did find a few sites that say the nodes become active and swell just prior to a relapse. Afterall, the nodes are a part of the immune system and swell, filter, and help t-cells during an attack on the body. Great.

I spent an hour or so reading what I could find about my poor node then went back to bed. I figured there wasn’t anything I could do about it at 2 in the morning. I managed to sleep from 3-7 this morning. Yay for 4 hours!

When I woke up, the node was more swollen and more painful. It was beginning to swell in my face in front of my ear. Shit. Damn. I chose not to worry about it and tried to keep somewhat occupied. I guess sometime this afternoon I realized that my neck wasn’t hurting as badly. I touched the node and it was a bit smaller than earlier in the day. And now, this evening, while it’s still swollen, it’s not even close to what it was this morning. Whew.

Coach & I took a drive around town this afternoon (and Beulah too). We had a few bucks left on the Starbucks card so we treated ourselves to some coffee and lemon cake… oh my! My objective for the drive was to find some interesting places to go walking and take some photos. I bombed. We went to the downtown area and I have to say it was like being in Tijuana. Neither one of us felt comfortable parking the car and walking the sidewalks. I realize it was probably safe to do so… mostly, it was just that there were so many people. Everywhere. The traffic was unreal. The stores were jam packed with not only people, but merchandise. Many of the stores carried a massive variety of merchandise. They were like a flea market. The shelves were so close together that walking down the rows would be cramped, and then added to that, there was stuff hanging from every space on the ceiling and walls… I don’t think I could’ve managed it at all. And it really reminded me of Revolution Blvd in Tijuana… the only difference was there were no food carts selling those little miniature tacos and Pepsi in glass bottles.

Not my picture… I ripped it off from a travel site but this is pretty much what it looked like in downtown this afternoon.

So no pictures.

We made our way home and I fixed dinner…. a creation straight from the Cookbook for the Poor and Impoverished (it only exists in my mind). The recipes in this particular cook book are those born of hunger and lack of normal food combinations…  those meals that result from grabbing what random stuff there is in the pantry and fridge, then hoping for the best….  I had some hamburger meat… I mixed in a can of crushed tomatos, Italian herb bread crumbs, oregano, basil, garlic, and pepper. I let it all simmer a bit while I made some steamed rice. I served the meat stuff on a bed of rice with melted cheddar cheese on top. It actually turned out pretty good.

I hope to hear something about the job tomorrow or Tuesday. There was a meeting this past Friday where I was discussed. I’m praying for a happy outcome.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Googled Nodes”

  1. The name and tag line for your cookbook is perfect so if you ever do write the book, keep these notes. LOL
    Lack of sleep due to pain is one of the most common issues faced with these illnesses. It will wear and tear you down quickly both physically and emotionally. Lack of sleep is literal torture. I hope you get some rest very soon.

  2. Ooooh. Six or seven hours sleep in a row!!! Wouldn’t it be bliss.
    Good luck on the job front – and yes, that cookbook could be a big, big winner.

  3. There are few things more frustrating than trying to fall asleep. I used to have a lot of problems with falling asleep at night (but could sleep like the dead during the day) so I started taking melatonin. Then I would fall asleep and wake up and not be able to fall back to sleep. meh

    I know that cookbook. I think you should come up with a real one! It may be your way to make millions! (Well, nobody would be able to afford it but the idea is a good one.)

    • I hate the insomnia. I’m just thankful that I don’t have to be up and ready for work in the mornings for now. I wouldn’t make it! I am able to nap some during the day but usually not for more than an hour or so… I just want about 6 or 7 hours of good sleep, all in a row, no interruptions LOL

      I was thinking about my impoverished recipes and came up with the same thought…. I need to start keeping track of the creative cooking concoctions and put them together in some sort of format… Maybe I could offer them as an e-book for cheap… won’t make millions but it could be fun haha

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