Aug 092012
  • I am right now sitting here watching On Golden Pond. Why have I never watched this movie before? I’m only an hour in & I have laughed so hard. Norman is a flippin riot!
    • Edit: I started this post last night. So by this time, I’ve already finished the movie and must say that I truly enjoyed the whole thing.
  • I am feeling pretty peaceful today (yesterday… and so far this morning too). Nice change from yesterday (Tuesday). I’m still tired but at least I’m not as anxious about it. I hate this disease. Really. I don’t use the word hate hardly ever. It’s rather harsh and really not a very fair word. But, I hate this disease. I think that’s fair.
  • I bought my first blue… Sabercat Blue… everything I have in my wardrobe right now is purple based. That won’t do anymore. I bought a scarf… for my head. Blue/white sort of tie-dyed looking. I love head wear. Especially right now… I’m growing my hair out and that just sucks. You know, all those awful growing out phases that one has to go through to look purdy again. Yeah. I’m in one of those stages right now. I’ve colored my hair and added to my head wear collection in an effort to wean myself from the clippers & scissors. Thankfully, I don’t really have to go anywhere so it doesn’t matter if I look like shit.
  • I still have to sketch today. I haven’t picked up a pencil yet today. My goal is to sketch every day… at least a little something. But I still have a few hours left to get it done. And I will.
    • Edit: I did not get a sketch done. Coach came home early! By early I mean he was home by 8:45… the norm has been close to 10 each night
  • I would love to live on a lake with a canoe, a cute umbrella, and a good book. It looks so incredibly relaxing and wonderful.
  • I think that sometimes people don’t realize what their words will do to another person. Maybe not always the words, but sometimes it’s how the words are delivered. I think sometimes that people are so involved in their own emotional journey that they don’t even think about what they are saying or how they are saying it. I think that sometimes it’s incredibly important to point it out to people when they say something that has an impact… positive or negative. I think that sometimes this is the only way for relationships to grow… all types of relationships – friendships, romantic unions, business relationships – they are pretty much all the same in many ways.
  • That being said, I think sometimes it’s great fun to call someone on their shit. And sometimes I think it’s great fun to watch people change & transform after being called on their shit.
  • That up there was all written last night…. from this bullet forward is today… Thursday LOL
  • I am really enjoying this sketching journey thing. A friend of mine even bought an iphone case with one of my drawings on it… now how totally cool is that? I hope she doesn’t mind but I’m sharing the photo here

  • She tells me that the quality of the case is really good & the picture has very good colors and is clear as a bell. I’m glad to know that. Society6 is turning out to be a quality company to work with.
  • I’m going through the Everyday Matters challenges starting today with EDM #1… draw a shoe. That one ought to be fairly easy since all I own now are flip flops. No job = no need for real shoes ha! And the book is on it’s way too… I love books… bet you didn’t know that ’bout me eh?
  • First scrimmage game this weekend. Man that came up fast! They are doing team pictures then scrimmage… and it’s just the beginning. There is not another off weekend from now until November 2nd… whew. That’s a long haul!
  • Well, I best end this now. My flip flops sit atop the table waiting for me to take up the pencil and get to sketching.
  • Life is good.
  • And it will be even better when I get a shower chair
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “Golden Ponds and Sketching”

  1. I thought of you today when I heard this…

    EARTH without “art” is just “eh”

  2. That book looks great – but living in New Zealand the cost of shipping is prohibitive. Love the drawing on the iphone case.

    • Well, that’s sort of stinko! I wonder if he’ll ever offer it in an e-book format…? I just love that there is a company that will take artwork and put it on products. It’s really neat… all I do is upload the file then they print, package, ship…

  3. Don’t YOU start telling me what to do. I’ve got enough people doing that already. And you can’t call my bluff either, cause I’m just way to intelligent. If you don’t believe me, ask me. That’s a cool tattoo the phone case lady has.

    • now, now, big boy! calm yourself down! i would never ever dream of telling you what to do… never!

      you see, most of us women have figured out how to get you men to do just exactly what we want without you even realizing that you’re doing it 🙂 cool eh?

      paula has some really cool tattoos… she’s a neat lady

  4. I haven’t seen On Golden Pond in ages. I’ll have to see if we still have that DVD.
    I so want to let my hair grow, but I know I’ll give up since it’s hard for me to keep.
    Drawing shoes? That used to be one of my favorite things to doodle!
    Hope your day goes well.

    • i have such a hard time fixing my hair. i’ve always loved it uber short…but i’ve learned over the years that having it so short requires more maintenance than just having a wild mane that flows wherever it chooses lol and if it chooses to flow in ways i don’t like, well, ponytails and do rags to the rescue!

  5. I hate Lupus.
    I love headdresses. I wear them a lot.
    I saw this picture yesterday and thought her flame hair was cool. 🙂

    • her flame hair is what my daily headaches feel like lol
      i hate lupus too… and i don’t even have it… but i hate it for you
      bandanas, scarves, hats, headbands… oh i just love them all! if i could get away with wearing a big feathery indian headdress, i would sure do it! much to coach’s dismay of course ha!

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