Jun 132013

Dad’s going home today! He’s survived a lobectomy coupled with some of the most horrid care one can receive in a healthcare facility.

It’s a shame that people go to school, spend hours upon hours training, and sign up to care of others who need the support & compassion of a good caregiver only to ignore their patients nearly killing them in the process.

If you don’t like your job and a person’s life is in your hands, quit. Simple. Quit. Find something else to do. Not liking your job isn’t a failure unless you kill someone in the process. I know I’m being dramatic. But my father almost died because he had a group of nurses who didn’t give a shit.


He’s going home today!

I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to him in a few days. My daughter got to speak with him last night for a few minutes. She tells me he sounds like his old self except for a bit of hoarseness. She tells me his short term memory has returned. She tells me he has no pain. She tells me he is ready to be home… I don’t blame him one bit. Back to the comfort of his own home, safe and secure. Sleeping in his own bed, wearing his own clothes, the ability to step outside and see nature. He hasn’t been outside in 10 days.

It’s a good day.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I am so happy to read that he’s going home!! WONDERFUL news!! What a relief for you… I know you don’t need the stress! (who does???)
    My parents aren’t getting any younger, I am getting ready to take some time to visit them this summer. I have realized how fast time really slips away and how important they really are to me. They drive me bugshit. But I love them.

  2. And I too am adding to the chorus of agreement. When my smaller portion was in ICU his care was faultless. And they took the time to explain things – to him and to me. On the general wards? Danger Will Robinson.
    I am so glad he is going home (is probably there by now).

  3. YEA, that is fantastic news! You must be SO relieved given the shit that he went through!

  4. I so agree about hospitals these days! While my mother was in ICU, the personnel bent over backwards to see to her every need. They were pleasant, uplifting, and caring. When she was moved to a regular room, the nurses and aides hardly entered her room. We had to go find one when my mother needed something. It was a disgrace.
    So happy your dad is improving so quickly. Prayers for a continued speedy recovery!

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