Nov 232011

we’ve had a few days of running around, working, and then working some more on the tin can… damn water leaks… never-ending…but i think maybe, just maybe… coach got one spot done up real good… special caulky junk, tight seals, and lots of cursing… that ought to do it ha! bless his heart….

nice to have a few days off from the ol job about now… we are spending Thanksgiving with a new friend who invited us over…. very thoughtful of her to invite us into her home….

hard to imagine the holidays are upon us already…

this week’s photo challenge topic was jan’s doing… the topic is “Gone”…. here are my shots:

(be sure to click the picturesfor the large print edition)

i think my favorite is the one of the missing momma yucca …. second would be coach framed by the missing window… note that look on his face (yes, i realize it’s not focused all that well) … that is the look of a man who has worked on the same leaky spot more than a few times… bless his heart – again

and once i started snapping pics around the tin can i took a few more….

i know there have been some funny things that have happened or that have come out of my mouth in the past few days… but i’ll be damned if i can’t remember them right now… WTF is up with that?

oh wait! i remember two things… i saw these over to the Wal Mart and think i would look absolutely precious in them… gotta get me some:


and naturally, any time we are out in a public place… i HAVE pee… always… sheesh! anyhoo… in the women’s restroom i found this (ok i didn’t find it.. it was there… couldn’t really miss it as i was sitting there TCB):

my question is this…. what did we do before they had high chairs with 3 point restraints attached to the walls of the bathroom stalls? if i remember right – and that’s iffy seeing that my kid is now 26…. the kid just sort of sat on the bathroom floor whilst i pee’d…. when i think of that now, with my more mature and wise brain… gross!

and since my kid is all grown and would hardly fit in this seat these days… and yes, if she entered a stall with me i may or may not try to make her sit in the seat… well, these days the seat with the 3 point restraint bolted to the wall is a handy spot for my purse or bag of another sort… keeps the sticky pee junk from the stall floor from getting on my nice purse or bag of another sort that i purchased for at least $10.00 at the Wal Mart….

Gobble Gobble!



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “gobble gobble y’all”

  1. I want jammies with feets in them!!! Might not be so good for the hot flashes thoug huh?

    • lol that’s my fear… waking up in the middle of the night with a big hot flash, grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting the feet off the jammies!

  2. There’s no place like Walmart for the holidays! Great pics too. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • lol the holidays just wouldn’t be complete without at least 972 trips to WalMart!

      How are you doing these days? I’ve been thinking of you…. holidays and all…. my wish for you is peace in your heart and soul…

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