May 302012
  • #000000;">i saw a bumper sticker that i really like today
  • #000000;">i don’t do bumper stickers… something about all that junk on the ass end of my car…
  • #000000;">it said “get your think on”
  • #000000;">i like that one
  • #000000;">there is so much to do and so little time to do it in
  • #000000;">i am trying to get things all organized at work, pass along information
  • #000000;">the person coming in behind me would be confused at this point ha
  • #000000;">i have today and tomorrow to get it all done… and there is sooooo much!
  • #000000;">will start boxing things up in the tin can tonight
  • #000000;">picking up the new house on wheels saturday morning
  • #000000;">hard to pack things up when we use most of it day-to-day
  • #000000;">hopefully, we’ll have some of the kids come saturday to help us transfer all our beloved possessions from one tin can to the other
  • #000000;">i think we have a travel agenda all set up now… finally
  • #000000;">three days of traveling
  • #000000;">wednesday we leave early in the morning hauling the low boy trailer with the motorcycle, the karman ghia, patio furniture and other outdoor type big stuff… oh! the bbq grill.. can’t forget that
  • #000000;">we will come back to austin that night…. ugh 604 miles in one day
  • #000000;">thursday morning we will get up at the butt crack of dawn and pull the tin can to edinburg…. we will set it up and spend the night…
  • #000000;">friday morning, once again up at the butt crack of dawn to drive back to austin and pick up the horse
  • #000000;">then one final trip to edinburg… another 604 miles in one day
  • #000000;">that leaves coach saturday & sunday to help me get stuff set up and grab some r & r before starting work on monday the 11th
  • #000000;">he found out the other day what the summer football program schedule is going to be… not too bad at all
  • #000000;">we already have the #0000ff;">#0000ff;">game schedule for next year
  • #000000;">the unpacking i will do… since i’m going to be jobless… still scared about that part
  • #000000;">feel a bit o’relief now that we have a plan
  • #000000;">hard to believe that we make our first trip in 7 days
  • #000000;">poor beulah… she only thinks she likes going on road trips
  • #000000;">that dog won’t want back in a car for a good long time after all this
  • #000000;">she has to do all 1800 miles with us… no where to leave her while we do all this hauling of stuff
  • #000000;">i wish it was winter time…would be so much easier on my poor nervous system if it wasn’t 173 degrees and 127% humidity out there
  • #000000;">but i will survive… we will get this done
  • #000000;">we already have guests planning to visit over the summer 🙂
  • #000000;">BIL and his family
  • #000000;">ashley and her family
  • #000000;">we like it that they are coming
  • #000000;">and those two couches that pull out to beds is a great advantage
  • #000000;">we will visit the #0000ff;">#0000ff;">san juan basilica for sure
  • #000000;">and the #0000ff;">#0000ff;">museum of south texas history looks interesting
  • #000000;">along with the other #0000ff;">#0000ff;">attractions in edinburg
  • #000000;">and….
  • #000000;">we can’t forget all the activities in the park we shall be living in#000000;">
  • #000000;">all in all, things are coming together nicely
  • #000000;">that last little duck has hopped into line….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Wow, just reading this makes me want a nap!! Good luck in getting it all done. But just think — next week it’ll be finished and you can write all about it!

  2. I’m taking a break from cleaning, to catch up with you! Holy cow, you guys are traveling a really far way! Wowzers!!! Do you help coach drive? Giggle~ Good luck with your packing today…time for me to rest.

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