Jul 092012
  • we watched a time to kill the other night. i’ve seen the movie many times but i cry every.single.time
  • then we watched law abiding citizen… good movie… very clever… took me a while to figure out the mystery
  • i wonder when folks around here are gonna run out of fireworks… they are still celebrating the 4th 5 days later
  • fireworks are so freakin expensive… amazes me anyone can afford to buy enough to shoot for 5 nights in a row… and we aren’t talking black cats either
  • burgers cooked on the grill are so much better than those cooked on a stove
  • coach says all meat is good when cooked on a grill. i argued… one has to LIKE all meat before agreeing to that statement ha! (i like to find things to goad him with)
  • i wish i could hold onto a pen – and write with it – for more than 5 minutes
  • on gov’t insurance otherwise known as affordable healthcare (can’t believe i’m gonna put this here) – those who need the gov’t insurance can’t afford it… estimated cost will be $416 a month for an individual. so then those with no insurance will be penalized taxed at the end of the year, up to 28%. ok, so now the irs is involved. and we all know what happens when you don’t pay your taxes – they move on in, put liens on your assets (including your home), they garnish your wages, and do whatever they have to in order to get the penalties taxes you owe. in the end, the very ones who are supposed to benefit from this affordable, gov’t insurance are going to suffer even more. and those of us who have private insurance (as long as private ins. companies can stay in business) will be paying higher taxes to off-set the penalties taxes that are owed from the still uninsured. how is this a solution?
  • i’ve been reading a spot of bother by mark haddon. slow reading for the first 75 pages or so but now it’s getting pretty good. i like this guys writing style.
  • the MS beast has been throwing one hell of a party. i think everything has caught up to me. i was sure hoping to avoid all this mess. i’ve had so much pain… all over pain. lots of confusion, weepy moments for unexplained reasons, and oh the dizziness!
  • there has been an odd whistling noise around here. really odd. really loud. UFO’s? nuclear reactor plant blowing off steam?
  • a guy i know, used to work with… had a tragic weekend. his 3 year old daughter drowned. very very sad. just breaks my heart.
  • i have 6 more boxes of things to unpack. coach is going to have a project – i need shelves. he’ll be so happy… he seems sorta lost without a project
  • we are going to the island friday…. coach’s brother and family are coming for a visit. we are excited they will be here….
  • i don’t know about the beach for me though. it’s so dang hot. i would love to go. i love the beach. love it. we’ll see.
  • i hate it when my face is numb… like i’ve just been to the dentist. only i haven’t been to the dentist.
  • coach & i went to a yogurt buffet the other day. it was pretty tasty. you get these little bowls and fill them with soft-serve yogurt… mix & match your flavors if you choose. then you move down to the buffet part – sprinkles, nuts, gummies, crushed candies… mmmm  i had strawberry/banana yogurt with sliced bananas on top. coach had a real concoction – yogurt flavors were blueberry, chocolate, vanilla… then he added goodies on top… i can’t remember what though haha
  • this morning i worked in the yard… proud of myself 🙂
  • got the weedeater out and whacked shit down…. i was just about done when i ran out of cord… i was hosing off the tool when the lawn mower guy came buzzing around the corner… on his lawn mower. naturally. ugh. my arms are no longer working, the muscles are surely jello… i was hot and dirty and sweaty… i was dizzy… and THEN he comes round with the mower….
  • i’ve signed up on a website that i’m really inspired by… it’s called sustainably creative. i’ve been sketching away!
  • and taking some pictures

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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I’ve read “A Spot of Bother” too and really loved it! I don’t have much time to read these days, so whenever I actually get a chance to say, “OMG I’VE READ THAT TOO!” I get so excited. 🙂

    And yes – fireworks are so damn expensive! This was the first year in a very long time that we actually splurged a little and bought some. We had more fun setting those off with friends than watching the actual city fireworks though, so it was worth it. I can’t imagine having enough for 5 nights in a row, though!

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