Oct 282011

well it’s been a quiet couple of days… for the most part… i haven’t really listened to the news since i got so wound up the other day ha!

the cold front finally blew in last night… what a relief… it’s such a nice day although a bit windy. it sure as hell beats 1,983 degrees so i will NOT complain at all! i feel so much better when it’s cold… mobility sorta sucks but i feel better … and at this point, that’s what i’m going for. last winter i was terribly upset about the chicken walk.. really disturbed me.. but then the blazing summer came along… the walking was better but for about 6 months i felt like a big ol steaming pile of doggie doo… i guess it’s a trade off… and i am choosing to feel better (not fabulous, but better).

i haven’t watched the world series much… i’ve been aware of it but as for sitting and watching, nope. tonight will be the same… yes i know, it’s the 7th game of what they say is one of the best series’ ever… and yes, i know, it’s the rangers…. i’ll turn it on but will draw, read, play on the interwebs while the game is going in the background… coach is going on a hot date tonight…scouting… with the other coaches ๐Ÿ™‚

tomorrow is the big walk… only $30 more to get my personal goal… and for the team only $65 more to go …wish me luck ha! i won’t feel out of place for a change… there will be others doing the funky chicken right along with me… some worse, some better… but at least there won’t be that feeling of inadequacy, staring, teasing, and overall lack of compassion for us gimps…

i was thinking this morning about my med routine… i don’t have one anymore… i’m down to only 2 meds… the copaxone (which i hate) and the adderall… everything else is gone… no more… i couldn’t stand that feeling that i like to call synthetic normal… you know, the kind of normal that comes from all the drugs in the body.. it’s not truly normal.. it’s fake… it’s an illusion… and after a while it made me feel like an illusion…so i’m going to do the 2 meds only for as long as i can… oh, don’t get me wrong… sometimes i take some ibuprofen or aspirin for pain… but no more of the muscle relaxers, narcotic pain relievers, etc… i just do what i can to deal with it… and part of that is cursing the people who say MS doesn’t hurt…. because many days, it hurts like a freakin bitch…

kiddo hurt herself… she plays softball.. has played for most of her young life… and she’s aggressive, and she’s good.. but that aggressive part? that means she gets hurt.. she has no fear… she’s in the game… anyhoo, this last game she was stealing 3rd… got down into a great slide… great form… then the 3rd base person got tangled up in kiddo’s extended foot/leg and tweaked it all up… xrays show no fractures… but her knee is wobbly and unstable… so she is going for the MRI in a few days… looking for the dreaded torn ACL…

in the meantime, she can’t make the walk tomorrow… i suggested her ol man bring the wagon and pull her… but then if that happened, all 3 of the grand kiddos would have to be in the wagon with mom, so he would be pulling his entire family around in a wagon… personally, i think that would be pretty cute… and would make a great picture… but i’m pretty positive that’s not going to happen…

coach did his good deed this morning.. he does many good deeds but this morning i got to see it… we went together to feed the horse and stop by the little small town grocery this morning… a lady was broken down in the middle of the road in front of the grocery, with an infant in the car, with the temp pretty low, and at a busy intersection… coach went and pushed her outta the road to safety… we made sure she had someone coming to get her and the baby… she did… otherwise i was going to take her where she was going…

anyhoo… it’s off to work now… happy friday y’all!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Good luck on the walk!!!

  2. Proud of you, friend! Good luck with the walk tomorrow. Love you!!!

  3. Well Yahoo for cold fronts (yours,not mine), coming in just in time for the walk. Too bad that kiddo got hurt, and I sure hope it wasn’t a torn ACL – that would keep her out of sports for how long? a long time for a kid.

    It’s nice that coach help push that ladies’ car out of the intersection. It’s the type of thing my husband would do, too. It seems these days that there are not enough men who are willing to take the time (or who have the ability) to help in cases like these.

    • it is hard to find the classic good samaritans anymore… and then you have the creepy boogie ones posing as nice and helpful… so that almost makes many not want help from anyone… ugh

      i’m hoping kiddo heals quickly… i keep wishing for a pulled, stretched, or bruised up ACL… she’s going to have a hard time chasing after those kids of hers with a bunged up knee…

      if it’s torn, depending on how badly, she could be outta sports for 6 months or more… eek!

      the weather tomorrow looks promising so far… but you know, this IS texas and that could all change in a blink of an eye… it could get hot all the sudden haha dang it

  4. Good luck on the walk. I also feel (lots) better in winter. And so relate to the I don’t want a drugged normal. Unfortunately at the moment I have to go down that path.
    PS thanks for the reminder – you just met your personal goal!

    • OMG! Thank you! I just sent you an email.. basically I am sitting here with big giant tears in my eyes… you are simply AMAZING! And that all sounds so cliche.. but I mean it.. from my heart and soul… THANK YOU!

      I am not a person who likes doing this whole fund-raising thing.. never have… but for some reason, this time, something told me it was important that I jump in… so I did… I just don’t know what to say… man… THANK YOU! (again) ๐Ÿ™‚

      And you have helped me succeed in my goal!


      I hate the pain part… hate it.. and it seems there are more days with some sort of pain than not… what I find interesting is that it changes… some days my jaw hurts with the dreaded TN… other days, my legs.. back… neck.. arms… or somewhere hurts…

      Today it’s my blasted elbows… craziness… they hurt like hell today for some reason…

      I started out this stupid journey taking hydrocodone, then Tramadol… yuck. Now I just try to breathe through it, which means I spend most of the day in a state of respiratory alkalosis from the Lamaze breathing LOL Meditation has helped me, and drawing helps a lot… keeps my mind occupied mostly…

      I know this won’t last and the times will come when I have to revert to the drugged normals… bleh… hate it

      • It’s is so weird the way the pain moves around. Mostly it is in my legs, arms and hands. But just to trick me it can pop up in my face, my toes, or anywhere else it damn well pleases. And every so often I get a sensation in my face as if spiders are walking (scurrying) across it. As symptoms go that one is minor but I HATE IT.

        It was my pleasure to donate. You are walking for us all. Have as much fun as you can, and rest up afterwards.

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