Mar 122010


so it’s friday…and this is better than most fridays. this is the last friday before spring break! that means i have a week off work!! i thought that when i got done with school i would never see spring break again…but working for a school district allows me to have that chance again! woo hoo!

last night we went to the nephew’s baseball game. little league…good game. at some point…probably about the third inning i had to use the restroom. so i’m enjoying myself in the stall…..and a lady with her small son enter the area. she places him in the stall next to me, stands him up on the toilet seat…”be sure to hold it down” she tells him. then she exits and goes into the next stall over. “mom! look what i did!” says the boy….  “what?” says mom.  “i pee’d!”  “in the toilet?”  “….no….” replies the boy….  ewww

i checked my feet, no tinkle thank goodness

  •  March 12, 2010
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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