Mar 112011

>working the ol evening shift tonight…. such is life…. it’s the last day before spring break begins and since i haven’t been to work all week, guess i can’t really complain 😉

the only thing i’m missing out on is a soccer game tonight…but coach will be sure to give me updates…we are almost done with the soccer season and heading into playoffs… woo hoo! that will leave us with only football for a few months! a break is indeed in sight

i don’t get much of a spring break this year… we are headed to rockport for a few days to visit family and to get our teeth worked on…. ugh… once again, i can’t complain… there is a definite advantage to having dentists in the family….

the remaining 4 days of spring break i will be teaching some public safety courses…. a little TTY and some TCIC/NCIC….i do so enjoy the teaching aspect of my job…. i really do… i meet so many people and it’s great to be able to help people along in their careers, or at least help them maintain the necessary certifications… and oh the shop talk! the war stories…. fun stuff!

i debated dying my hair for the football game tomorrow… blue with gold tips… yeah, the team colors… but i won’t.. i have been known to do some pretty wild and out there things with my hair… i do believe it’s been just about every color you can imagine – on purpose or not ha! i think the blue/gold combo may or may not embarrass i’ll let it slide… maybe i’ll just make a huge sign i can hold up from the stands…something like “who’s that sexy coach?” “oh i love my man!” something corny….make him blush … and of course you know the guys would give him hell… sort would make it all worth the effort…. don’t know where i could hide the signs though in my car…. may have to ponder on this a bit… bet i could get one of the other folks to tote the signs for me so coach doesn’t see them…. i’m a devious little thing (ok no to little but you know what i mean)….

happy friday y’all!

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  •  March 11, 2011
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