Feb 132010

For those of you who don’t know, we live in a 5th wheel RV. We love this lifestyle and it works out perfectly for the coaching life. And contrary to popular belief, there is plenty of room in here for the two of us. Now I would agree that you have to really love someone to live in these quarters, but we do, and so it’s good for us. I would imagine if two people didn’t really get along so well, this could be a problem….there is not another room to go into, doors to slam, closets to pout in.

We bought our trailer used, and we got a REALLY great deal on it. It needs some work but we have been slowly getting some things fixed, repaired, remodeled, etc. It is clean and very livable and that’s what counts. Ok so back to my initial statement…we bought our trailer used. We’ve been living in here for 7 months or so. Our black water tank is open and drains into the city septic tank continuously. We don’t have to empty the tank or mess with it. Or so we thought. Yesterday I opened the toilet for use and discovered that it was totally backed up! Not enough room left to even spit in it!

So we called the portable toilet, shit sucker company and they came right out. The guy that came out, Ben, was fantastic. He had to work extra hard to get our tank sucked out. It seems that it was never emptied when the previous owners put it out to pasture. There was petrified doo doo in the tank!!!!! Oh my!! Ben had to get under the holding tank and hammer at it to knock the stuff loose so it could sucked out by his big truck. It was a mess, but Ben did it! He managed to get the tank drained. It took him 2 hours and a lot of sweat but it’s done.

If anyone is ever in need of this type of service (and I hope you won’t be), and if you happen to be in the Austin area, you should use Austin Outhouse, and ask for Ben. This company came out and did all this work on a Friday evening for less than $140.00! Amazing!!


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