Mar 032011

>was reading this article about that boy in colorado who alledgedly killed his parents… seems that much of the media is circling around the religious aspect of these people’s life… hmm… think it’s gearing towards a slam on the church? i mean, reading about the EFCA (that’s just one article i found) church, one could get the idea that it is sort of cultish without being a cult… kids are homeschooled and go to church… the media makes it sound as if these two things are the sum existence of this boy’s life… can almost predict where this is heading….

i find it really sad that a person – of any age – is in so much pain that they do something this horrific… there must really seem as though there is no other alternative… surely if this boy was full of rage there would have been some outward signs of that…but reading the stories everyone is commenting about what a good kid he was, kind, loving… i don’t know…so hard to trust the media much of the time… and i bet the kid is going to end up facing charges as an adult because of the nature of the crimes….sad


so work was good. thank you. i’m tired… hanging in there though… trudging on through the days… one of these days i will get a rest… a solid day of lounging in my jammies (ok, tshirt and yoga pants)… nothing to do but just sit… read, sleep, read, maybe go to the bathroom and fix something to eat… well, you get the idea…

i need one of those above mentioned days… desperately

i’m loving this whole zentangle, fancy doodle stuff…. i can’t wait til i can afford to get the proper pens and other supplies… i have so many ideas swirling around in my messy mind! doodles are perfect for messy minds…

my symptoms seem to be holding their own lately… it’s pretty slow going in the morning and in the evening but mostly during the day i’m doing alright. i walk pretty good… my hands tremble but not so bad that it’s super annoying… i had my first experience with getting overheated the other day though… not fun… and if that is a sign of how it’s going to be this summer… big huge UGH! my legs were dragging… didn’t want to move… felt like i just couldn’t take another step… horrible….

football practice tonight… go renegades! ha… we have our second game saturday night… marble falls… hopefully it will be better than last week’s game… surely it will….

i’m working on uploading some pictures from that game (running just a bit behind) and hope to get some posted here for all of posterity! ha

the mess that is my mind

  •  March 3, 2011
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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