Nov 062011

  • man have i been odd lately
  • not bad but not good either
  • way tired… beyond tired… but i suppose that goes with the territory
  • saturday i slept all day…. really… the entire day… i think if i add up the total number of hours spent with my eyes open… well, it’s much less than 7 of them
  • guess i need that from time to time
  • especially when i’ve been going so much lately… working a bunch of OT and football and just life in general
  • my spoons were more than depleted
  • today was spent traveling… brenham… visiting family
  • that’s always good…. saw the kiddo and the grandgirls…
  • and spent some time with coach’s mom….she’s tired too
  • friday night football… we won….

  • district champs… undefeated in the district… overall not too shabby either…
  • now it’s on to the playoffs… round 1
  • thursday night we play cedar park at our home field
  • we need some fingers crossed and a few prayers sent up for this one
  • my brain is pretty much dead so this is all i have for now… here are a few pictures i took at the game friday… if you want to see more you can ….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “football family and sleep”

  1. my boss participated in the MS mud run a few weeks ago… amazing that he did that for me… he was telling me that the mud pits, which are calf to thigh deep were really tough.. the mud pulls against you when trying to pick your foot up for a step… it’s like the mud was sucking his legs into the ground… that is one of the best descriptions i’ve heard… and by the time he got done with all the mud obstacles – i think it was more than 20 of them – he was beat down tired….

  2. Augh we so need to figure out the gallery thing so my scroll button does not break LOL!
    You already know I likes the last one most.

    sometimes we just gotta sleep you know?

    Hope today (Monday) is finding you less fatigued.

    • i’m a bit better today… the wonkiness is with me… and it’s worse than it’s been in a while… hoping it’s due to fatigue and changes in the weather patterns… we go from freezing to 80 degrees every 48 hours or so lol wreaks havoc on the beast as well as my sinuses…

      i’m at work so this is a good thing…

      i love to sleep! love it… but man i get nothing done… i am so far behind on the house cleaning/upkeep, drawing, photos… all the things i enjoy doing… it’s almost as if i do nothing but work and sleep… hell of a way to live life … ugh

  3. Wonderful photos, though I must confess to not understanding any ball game.

    I think there needs to be a new word to describe MS fatigue. Tired doesn’t begin to cover it, and neither does fatigue. Knackered comes close but still doesn’t hit the bulls eye. Hope you recover soon.

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