Aug 312012

-Tuesday I made a delivery up to the school – crayons & coloring book. It was fun to see Coach’s classroom & meet his TA. I don’t see him in normal clothes very often, mostly he’s in athletic shorts & dry fit shirts. But that day during class I admired him in slacks & shirt. He’s a good looking slab o’beef. It was all I could do to resist temptation. But somehow I think the school would frown upon my unchecked carnal desires right there in the classroom.

-While I was there we went across the hall to another teacher’s room…she’s the wife of a coach there & she teaches a science class. She was having problems getting her presentation to project on the big screen from her computer. Apparently, she had spoken with the IT person who told her it wouldn’t work because her computer doesn’t have a hard drive… WTH? Of course it has a hard drive – she was running a power point presentation from the computer? So I fiddled with it… really all that needed to be done was a settings adjustment on the projector. How does someone get an IT job when they don’t know how to set up the laptop/projector combo? Oh well. She & the students were all happy. While I was working on the computer, she was talking to her students about Aqua Net ha! I remember that stuff well… it made the hair crunchy, stiff, & resistant to anything the universe threw at you. What was in that can? A JB Weld and SuperGlue compound I’m sure.

-The temperature around here is crazy these days. 102 with a feels like of 108 or so. Sheesh. In the afternoons it is too hot to do anything except sit in front of a fan not moving because any sort of movement causes heat. One of my favorite things to do is go outside and water the tin can. Why you might (or might not) wonder? Because not only does the house get all wet & cool down a few degrees, but I get wet…. the mist raining down on that comes from pointing the hose at the sky is quite refreshing. It is very cooling – especially when I come back inside all misted & wet and stand under the AC vents.

-So I spent the hot time watching the final few episodes of The Closer. I’m going to miss that show. I really like Kyra Sedgwick in that role. She was quite good. I haven’t watched the spin-off Major Crimes but I’m sure it will be good as well.

-I am not functioning so well without the little pink pills. I’m glad I don’t take them but man, I sure wish I could have the energy. I took ½ of a pill last week when I gave my speech & while it was nice having that little boost of power, I sure felt bad. All jittery & nervous like. From my past experience, I know that after a few days of the medication I won’t feel those side effects and will have only the boost. But I also know how bad it is to keep putting that kinda junk into this glorious vessel that I inhabit.

-First JV football game last night– first WIN! It was fun & everyone was so excited… more than just winning a game. It was the FIRST game ever. Tonight is varsity & I hope they can do the same thing. I was amazed at how many fans were at a JV non-district game. The stands were packed on our side. The one thing I wish for more than anything, as a person sitting in the stands, is that parents would keep track of their children. There were kids ranging from 2-10 years old running wild all over the place. Up & down the walk paths, nearly knocking people over; climbing fences to vacant lots; running up & down the bleachers (which are metal, noisy, & flimsy enough to cause huge vibrations from the running). At the first scrimmage game 2 weeks ago, a very young child was running up and down the CONCRETE stadium steps and tumbled down to the bottom, then was hauled off in an ambulance. You’d think this would be a wake-up call to the other parents. Guess not. When Coach got home I found out that the freshmen boys won their game as well. Woot!

-Everyone is so concerned about Clint Eastwood’s monologue last night. I thought it was pretty funny, even if a bit quirky. And I think it was great that he stepped up to show his support. He’s an artist… he’s a unique man, but a very smart man. Mrs. Romney was interviewed on CBS This Morning – the anchors kept taking the conversation back to Eastwood. You have the potential First Lady live but keep bringing up Eastwood. Seems to me they should’ve taken the opportunity to ask her more things about herself & her husband.

-Personally, I agree with most of what I heard last night. It’s the first time in my history that I actually sat and listened to/watched a convention. I know, I need to be flogged for that. I was impressed with Marco Rubio. I was impressed with Mitt Romney. Now, the thing is, will he be able to keep up with what he’s said he’ll do? That’s always the big question. One thing that really impressed me – Romney made no big glorious promises. He said he would try. I like that – much more than definitive promises of what he will do. A person can have all the intentions in the world to fix something or make something happen, but when much of the tasks at hand rely so heavily on the work of others, or the agreement of others, it’s hard to PROMISE that something will happen or not. So the word TRY is something that I appreciate.

-I may or may not have just lost the respect of some friends. The more liberal ones. Something I have noticed over the past months is that when I make comments that are of a conservative leaning/support, I get bashed by my friends that are of the liberal persuasion. I don’t bash them or make sarcastic comments to them when they share their views of President Obama or spend time making nasty comments/statements about the conservatives. Mostly I try to just ignore it and move on… I got a few of those comments directed at me last night. Pft, oh well.

-We all have our own personal beliefs in what works & what doesn’t. We all have our own individual morals. Why should it warrant bashing? Don’t berate me because I share my thoughts. I don’t do that to you. And of course, this last statement is not directed to the majority of my friends/readers. Just those few that are so hateful and derogative towards me for not sharing their same political leanings. I have no problem with those who are liberal. I just don’t think it’s right to berate someone that has a different opinion of what might be a better path to walk.

-Stepping off my soapbox now….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Yay for being able to comment again. Like Barbara I am a fan of Universal Health Care – it works pretty well here and if anything does not go far enough. Just the same I am not ever going to criticise people for their opinions – on politics or anything else.

  2. I laughed about the whole laptop/projector issue. Way back in ‘aught aught’ when I gave my first power point presentation at a national convention of teachers, I had a similar problem. Fortunately, my ‘fiddling around’ taught me about using the correct ‘F’ keys at the top of the keyboard.
    No, I don’t agree with you politically, but I respect your right to express your views!
    Stay cool!!

    • i am so grateful for people like you Muffie… it is nice to have folks in my life that i can have difference of opinions with and it remains only that. i wish more people were able to accept that our differences are what make life fun & interesting!

  3. Well, not being from the U.S. I can’t say I am following the whole thing closely but I believe that both Canada and the U.S. are in need of help that no one man can ever give. Personally, if was in the U.S. I could never in good conscience vote for M.R. because I really believe in Universal Health Care and that women should be able to make choices about what happens to their bodies. It is the reason I vote for the New Democratic Party in Canada. That said, I think we need to stop arguing and listen to each other. We are all spending too much time arguing about who is right and why while we keep sliding deeper and deeper into trouble.
    Maybe when Coach gets home you can have your way with him. Whooo hoooo!

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