May 172014
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Florida in Brief”

  1. Are you in Florida??????????

    • I was… May 6 & 7. I went to a conference in Lake Buena Vista…. are you close to Disney? I’ll be back there again at the next conference

      • No, we are in West Palm Beach but I would have come up to see you even for a little bit. Lake Buena Vista is so much closer than Texas. OMG. I haven’t been very active or communicative over the past year + at all. After my dad’s death I just caved. He was my last living relative and, well it’s complicated. My long term reaction was totally unexpected. My body is battling some mysterious something that can’t seem to be diagnosed and forces me to take a nap even after taking a shower. Won’t bore you with the details. But I have been reading and following you, even given my self -imposed isolation and muteness. You still remain a dear person to me my far-away friend. When is the next conference?

        • Oh Paula… I’m so sorry about your father. I can’t begin to imagine the loss of a parent. We came pretty close to losing my dad last summer and it was frightening. And what’s up with your body??? Ugh! That sort of fatigue is awful. I know it well….

          For sure, I will be there next May… same hotel. There might be opportunities to be there sooner… just never know! I hate that I didn’t send you an email when I was going!! Where is my head?!

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