Apr 042011

fired?! wow….

it’s been a weekend… i can say that safely… ha! let’s see….

starting with thursday… varsity soccer was in the state playoffs…we played hendrickson and lost… so soccer is over… they did a great job! and now that soccer is over there is so much more time available for coach & i…yippee! i miss him during all these athletic times…

friday night we had NOTHING to do… amazing! we sat around the house and just enjoyed the nothing… some interneting, some television… you know, the basic junk

saturday was football day…. and it was loaded with drama (as usual)…. coach is a very patient man, he is very tolerant and easy going. but he and the owner of the football team just seem to clash…. i won’t go into all the gory details but suffice it to say that there were lots of words – and not pretty ones – thrown around, lots of mud slung before the game…now this has happened on more than one occasion…. and not just with coach but with some of the players too… just before game time, on the sidelines, with kids and fans…. words…loud…cursing…coach was ready to walk off… the players stopped him and he told the owner not to talk to him anymore…. then the owner comes and tells me he’s done with coach… tells me that’s it….

now, never in my wildest dreams did i think he meant done… as in, done done. but apparently that is what he meant… because after the game… a bad game at that…. coach received a text message that said “i’ve decided to continue the rest of the season without your help”… okay…. no problem… we’re fine…. so why does the owner now keep calling? he called sunday, he’s called today…. coach doesn’t answer…why would he? he was basically fired….he is moving on, forward, however you want to look at it… so why does the owner persist?

last night we went over to a “party” at one of the player’s homes…wrestlemania…. oh boy… i really had a difficult time containing myself! ha! but we had a really good time…. there were several people there and much of coach’s defense was there… they are sad, they are mad, they don’t like it that coach won’t be there any longer… they respect him and play well for him…. it sounds like some are actually thinking of quitting the team since coach is no longer with the team… we both told them that they made a commitment to the team and they need to follow through with that…they signed up to play ball… they know the defense, so play hard, have fun and go for it…. i don’t know if they will or not… sad really…

we’ve had the impression for the past few weeks that the owner wants to shut down the team… there have been statements made many times that are contradictory to the team and it just left us with the feeling that he wants to just shut it all down and fold the team for the rest of the season… not really fair to those guys who show up and want to play… and they’ve paid money to play… and i can guarantee there’s no refunds…unfortunate….

so now all of the sudden, coach & i have all sorts of time together…soccer is over…football is over… whatever will we do!?  i can think of lots of things (get your mind out of the gutter)

we got me set up with a work table/desk yesterday! i’m so happy! the futon was moved out and a table moved in… i have a desklamp, my computer, printer, pens, papers, paints, and a whole assortment of other goodies to play with …. and i have room to work… so so nice! when i’m totally done setting everything up i’ll post some before and after pictures…. the only one who is upset about my new workspace seems to be beulah…the futon was her bed…when coach carried the mattress outside, beulah became very upset…she ran outside and sat on top of it…like she was going to stop him from putting it in the truck…. poor girl… i have a spot picked out for her though… i’m going to get her a nice doggie bed and i know she’ll love it….

happy monday you guys! lovin’ this little cool front….

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