Sep 072012
  • Why is it that the Reese’s pumpkin & eggs offered at the appropriate season taste so much better than the standard peanut butter cups that I get all year around?
  • I think I have come across the BEST.PEN.EVER. At least it’s the best pen I’ve used and I love it!

  • You see, I have a pen fetish. And when it comes to fountain pens, that fetish is hard to contain. I have a few fountain pens with cartridges but the nibs suck in a big way. I have some stick fountain pens in which you can insert various types of nibs then dip them. I like the dipping… I use them with my acrylic inks. Let me say here – I really like acrylic inks too.
  • I went out to visit with the pony today. He’s looking better. I think he’s starting to put on a bit of weight. I feel bad that Coach has no time to spend with him at all. None. So I go out and visit with him. One morning next week, the ranch hand is going to help me get Pistol out of his prison cell and let him run around in the big round pen for a bit. I need to start doing that with him much more often… at least until Coach has some time to go out and start working with him again (which will be after November)
  • Remember a while back I mentioned a camel at some house on the way to the ranch where the pony lives? Yeah….

  • He was standing in the driveway grazing on those trees. I tell you, it’s a very odd feeling to be driving down the road and spot a pet camel in someone’s front yard.
  • It just is.
  • I’m a pawn shop girl. I love me some pawn shop shopping. There is one right down the road from our tin can that I frequent. The girls working there are really nice and they have given me all sorts of tips about life in the valley – the good eateries, neighborhoods to avoid, & etc.
  • Tomorrow they are having a “Tent Sale”… oh my! Every item that is placed under the tent will be priced less than $10. The though makes me sweat ha!
  • Anyway… yesterday I stopped by there. They had been saving something for me… a Nikon Coolpix point & shoot camera… for $10. Can’t hardly pass that up. I will toss it in my bag along with the big camera. Nice to have those little ones to help when setting up shots or for reference things.
  • I think I’m getting a sideline pass to the upcoming games so I can take pictures up close and personal like. That’s going to be fun! I guess they like the photos I’ve been doing so far.
  • We don’t have a Friday night game this week… it’s going to be Saturday Night Lights for us this week. The JV & freshman teams continue to kick butt. They are really good. This means that over the next 3 years we are going to be a team to reckon with… fun!
  • It’s time to go do a bit of drawing & laundry.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Fetishes and Camels”

  1. Have you had the Snickers pumpkins yet? Or the Cadbury’s Screme Eggs? Uh, YUM to both, though the Cadbury’s normally yellow liquid is green so it’s visually unappealing but once you get past that, delish! I have a choptick fetish myself; always collecting them, but they’re too pretty to use. 🙂

  2. Bic has really come out with a nice, quality product. I’m amazed at how well they perform. Instead of sharpies I use Bic permanent markers in my art work. Sharpie quality has become poor.
    I have all sorts of acrylic inks but no dipping pens or anything like that. I just use a regular paint brush. There’s something almost spiritual ink sliding across the page.
    The other day at The Blessed Hobby Lobby I purchased block ink which has been a blast to work with. Speedball water soluble ink was marked down from $3.99 to 34 cents. It felt like a dream as I put them in my cart. It was all in slow motion, foggy, distant and magical. OMG those things are beautiful.
    My cam is on the outs. I’ve got to get a new digital cam. I catch so much life and fun and normal with it ya know? I’m all jealous of your $10 buy. I’ve got a pawn shop about a mile away. I may have to visit there in a day or two. I’ve not done pawn shop shopping so I can’t say I love me some, but I’d sure like to start that lovin’ if I can get deals like you’re talkin’.

  3. Sherri, if you ever find the answer to the Reese’s question please let me be the first to know. I have pondered it myself and I don’t know the answer except they just are.

  4. Love the camel. They look so elegant, in a snooty better than you way. And that camera was a steal…

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