Mar 202009

Sometimes I get so mad…and other times I just feel like a failure. In this job, it seems that nothing is ever done right. I am so tired of always being made to feel like an idiot, like I don’t know what I am doing.

There is no consistency to what they expect around here. Just as soon as you get a new method down, they change it. And of course, then everyone’s doing it wrong. We are left nasty, belittling and sarcastic comments about our job performance. And they then want us to perform at 110% for them without question.

I have never been made to feel like such a failure and a fool!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “Failing”

  1. hmm..ok no one can MAKE you feel like an idiot. You can either BUY into their treatment of you (because let’s be honest..they need you to believe you’re a an idiot..that keeps you repressed and working for them for pennies!) as an idiot because maybe somewhere inside you fear you are an idiot oooooooooooor; you can assert yourself and tell them that if they continue to treat you in a demeaning way, that your lawyer will be contacting them next. 😀

    • I have been keeping documentation… I have a “work journal” that documents each DAILY incident of foul treatment…

      I know I’m not an idiot… it’s just the hostile work place that grates on me! These people are simply intimidated by me… I have more experience and knowledge than the people that have been working at this place for many years. And that doesn’t make them idiots either… it just means I have worked in a job that allowed me to learn more and gain more skills…

      It’s just a shame that they are going to lose me over this crap…. I would think that supervisor’s would want knowledgeable employees with well-developed skills… it only serves to make them look like better supervisors….

      Craziness!! Ok, done with my rant now 😉

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