Jun 252011

as I walked into the very public bathroom I noticed a woman plucking hairs … not from her eyebrows… but from her chin…. I glanced in the sink and it was obvious that she had not taken care of this task for a while…

either that or she never looked in a mirror… or maybe someone had just recently pointed out to her that she had these foot long thick black ass hairs growing  from her chin….

and they were now partying it up in the very public bathroom sink….I absolutely am not kidding… I swear…I hoped that she would remember to remove all the clippings from the sink… it was enough to get caught in the trap and cause the custodial staff some real issues….

I kid you not… they were super long! like hairs-from-the-nether-region long… never been groomed long… amazing…

but what amazed me the most is that the rest of this woman was completely put together… her clothes were high quality…I couldn’t possibly afford one sleeve of the blouse she was wearing… her hair was perfectly coiffed… her makeup, artistically applied with perfection…

these things tell me that she must certainly patronize a beauty salon… right? wouldn’t you think? and if she’s paying some salon artiste big bucks for that cut and color, well, simply put, she’s getting ripped off…. her hair is fabulous… it is magically perfect… but… why the hell did the artiste not advise her of the bush she’s growing from her chin…

facial lawn care is imperative for any woman… it just is…

and why is that she’s never noticed these huge ass hairs? or if she had noticed them before, why did she not take care of them?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while….

she had no stockings on…bare legs sticking out from her pencil skirt… cute open toe sling back heels… and her legs were smooth..shaved… or maybe waxed…but the point is… the rest of her was put together and well maintained…

do you suppose it was a bet? or maybe it was an effort to deny aging… like if she didn’t acknowledge the hairs (that were long enough to braid mind you) were there, well then she wouldn’t have to admit she was one of those women… the ones that are aging gracefully…

very odd indeed….

personally, I cannot stand to have those blasted hairs growing out of my chin… and my neck too… they make me crazy….


at work I have a tendency to prop my chins on my hands… yes chins… and I can instantly tell if there is a rogue hairy whisker coming up… I run out to my car and grab the tweezers and pluck that bastard!

the glories of aging….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. So glad I’m not alone in that battle!! And I found out I can’t get very affective laser hair removal either, too blond. But electrolysis is a possibility….although I hear that describing it as ‘uncomfortable’ is like saying childbirth is ‘slightly painful’ haha.

    In public, huh? Wow. I’m pretty laid back, but not THAT laid back!!!

  2. Maybe she can’t see close up. Maybe she has bad lighting in her bathroom. Maybe she just won a $50 bet.
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones

  3. she tried to kill me with the evil eye – being from the middle east I knew the magic hand sign for “right back atcha” then she went back to checking herself out. I was straight faced throughout. but some of the other passengers near us smiled & nodded and had a good story to tell at work.
    What is it? Thick skin, obliviousness, what? what? tell me. Sometimes I feel like the stork delivered me to the wrong planet. There is so much I just don’t get.

    BTW, have you picked up your award from my blog yet?

  4. okay, this is gross that is true – poor chiny chin chin lady. But the grossest, pathetic, infuriating thing is the doing this in public. What is it with these women, okay check your lipstick – but some things must be done in private, narcissistic or blind?
    Years ago I was sitting next to a woman on an 1 hour bus trip into Manhattan – mornings to work. We were sitting in the front part where the seats faced each other and even the other passengers became amazed at her routine after awhile. As soon as she sat down she immediately began to put on makeup from the moisterizer on up. Her little cosmetic bag was fulling to the brim. She stared at herself in her not so little mirror as if she was alone – Her powder was making me sneeze. I was so pissed – lady who wants to see you inspecting yourself so intimately. Not my proudest moment – but I pulled out a tamax from my bag and asked her if she needed this as well. Barf.

    • holy cow! that is hilarious!! what did she do when you offered a feminine hygiene product? that is absolutely perfect Paula!!

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