Mar 292011

so coach and i are sitting here in our “living room” 4 feet away from one another…respective computers in our laps… interneting… i hear this crap that i can’t figure out… the front door is open and at first i thought someone was outside making noise… then i realized it was coach’s computer…. #0000ff;">playing a video edit: this video was removed because of nudity LOL (careful there, blessings will be shown)

it seems someone he went to school with sent it to him on facebook… the image is a woman with her ginormous blessings showing… so naturally, being a man he clicks the link… i’m on facebook and i see that he has “liked” the link…. really? with the love of his life sitting right here with him? really?

and naturally i had to give him a bit of shit about it…. on facebook 🙂 because that’s just how i roll….thank goodness he’s a good sport

after a few minutes i see that coach’s friends are clicking the link he “liked”….seems all you have to do is click on the link to watch and you get an automatic “like”…facebook sucks… they keep changing the rules….

  •  March 29, 2011
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