Apr 102013

Busy busy busy day yesterday! I like those days though. I felt productive and useful…which is always good. I’m in the process of developing an exercise. No… not the physical kind that helps to lose weight or tone this ol’ lady flabby body. This type of exercise is similar to a drill like those we all had in school… fire drills, bomb scares, and all that good stuff. The big difference is that this exercise is much larger than a drill… it’s a full-scale exercise.

Full-scale exercises test response plans, policies, procedures, and other aspects of incident management. They allow for full participation and movement of resources…. resources being people, equipment, and the like. They usually are unannounced which allows for a true evaluation of response actions. The element of surprise is my friend 🙂 And the same element of surprise sometimes makes people dread seeing me coming their way.

Unfortunately for those who don’t like the game, it’s mandatory. There are lots of federal, state, and local mandates/laws that say we MUST do drills & exercises. I call it a game…. that’s essentially what it is. I liken it to a real live board game… sort of like the chess game from Alice in Wonderland… remember that? The red queen and the white knight? Essentially, these exercises are just giant games with a bit of simulation.

To develop one of these exercises can take months. I don’t have months… well, I have a few months… we need to play this game before the end of July.

So back to my day… I spent most of the day writing out a proposal paper for the exercise. There are federal requirements that dictate the documentation of an exercise and the proposal/intent document is the first in line. By the time I finished it was 6 pages… the elements of the document are purpose, scope, objectives, logistics, scenarios and legal aspects. Step 1 done!

I spent the remainder of the day writing a hazard communications plan… that’s an OSHA thing. They changed the rules on the MSDS stuff… they aren’t MSDS anymore, just plain SDS now. (safety data sheets) And buried within the requirements OSHA set forth is the little requirement to have a hazcomm plan. First draft done!

Hurricane season is fast approaching. Fast. And while historically the risk of a big arse hurricane hitting our area of the coast is a slender one, planning and preparations are in progress. They have to be. Because there could always be a Hurricane Sandy knocking on our front door.

No surgery for Coach! No hernia. He went for a 2nd opinion with a surgeon who said there is no hernia there. He has a badly strained muscle and has to rest it for 6 weeks…. 5 more to go. I wonder though if it’s more difficult for him to rest when he’s not post-op. You know how those boys can be about following doctor’s orders…..

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I am very pleased that Coach doesn’t need surgery. And suspect he will be worse (probably much) about resting without the reminder of post-operative pain. Good luck.
    Your exercise sounds challenging – please let us know how it goes.

  2. Glad to hear at least someone is keeping busy!! 😀
    Isn’t it a pain in the butt to keep your man from, well, acting like a man? Doing stuff? They’re so endearing, those male creatures… but you can’t make one do anything they don’t wanna do.

  3. Sherri, love reading about how busy you are! This reminds me of all the emergency planning, drills, and exercises I needed to implement when I was a principal. Fortunately, they were never needed, but we were prepared!
    Glad that Coach is doing better!

  4. It brings a smile to my face as I read about the enthusiasm, sense of purpose, and joy this job is giving you. Great news about Coach!

    • I can’t even begin to describe how much I love having a purpose again. That was the one aspect of not working that was tearing me down. I miss not working…. in the mornings when I could really really use a nap, in the afternoons when I could really really use a nap LOL but when I look at the grand scheme of things, mentally I feel so much better. And I also feel a sense of relief knowing I have long term and short term disability so when the time comes, I will be financially protected instead of depending on the gov’t to agree with the decision to put my health first… great relief.

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