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**Written Sept. 25**

Our morning news anchors are something else. We watch Action 4 news every morning, eventually switching over to channel 5 news. Anyway, on channel 4, the morning anchors are 3 women who are youngish and catty. Oh my. They spend some time at the typical anchor style desk except for one segment. I don’t know what it’s called but they main 2 anchor women move to a couple of living room style chairs for a “fireside” style chat – only there’s no “fireside”…they flank a flat screen television. They discuss current events in this style.

I’m not a fan of the awards shows… don’t watch them. I am not a fashionista and don’t really care about who was wearing what. During the living room style chat segment yesterday, these 2 anchors BASHED beyond belief the big stars on the red carpet. They were relentless! It was the most catty, stereotypical female narration on other women I’ve heard in a long time. Coach & I couldn’t believe what we were hearing. They set a horrible example for what women do best. Does that make sense? Neither one of them had a single nice, positive thing to say about the women of the red carpet this morning. The knocked hairstyles, dresses, body shape… you name it. I’m waiting for a clip to be posted. I just can’t get over it.


Today is a day of errands. For me, errands mean that I have more than 2 places to go. I have 3 different stores I have to hit and a visit to the pony. Used to be I didn’t mind running like that but these days it’s a bit more difficult. All that in & out, walking back & forth… just wears a girl down. I wish I could find a store that carried ALL the items on my list. Not even the infamous Wal-Mart does it for me.

I tried to buy a hose repair kit yesterday at Wal-Mart but all the garden stuff was gone. Mind you, it’s still way up in the 90’s here. There is no winter to speak of. So watering the grass/plants is a year-round endeavor. As I made my way to the section of the store that carries all that outdoorsy type stuff, I was met with flipping Christmas junk. Already. Christmas everywhere. There are 2 little rows of Halloween things, a full section of Thanksgiving, and ¼ of the store is Christmas. What the hell? Nothing like shoving the commercialism down our throats.

Took a break and did the errands….

The pony looks SO MUCH BETTER! He’s putting that weight back on & looking pretty. It’s amazing to me how fast they will lose loads of weight & how long it takes to put it back on. Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked like that for me? A month without eating much to lose so much weight that takes a year to put on? Wow.

I managed to find a hose repair kit, got it all hooked up, sprinkler running. Beulah is NOT happy. Such is life sweet dog…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. There’s a market for the catty set, I’m sure, but it ain’t you and it sure ain’t me, but somebody is buyin’ it. The dumbing down of America … it’s a Communist plot!!!

    Glad your horse is looking (and feeling) better. Come January Coach can start putting him through his paces and have him build up some muscles.

    You know, I still haven’t set foot inside a Walmart. I’ve been tempted because of the purported lower prices.There’s one not two miles from my house just outside city limits, and Tacoma’s city council caved and approved the zoning for another, about three miles North of me. I may be tempted yet. Do they have any art supplies like pens and drawing pads? At good prices??

    • Sometimes I wish I could say I’ve never been to Wal Mart. It’s a beast of a store. But, I do like that I can go to one store and do most all my shopping. Groceries, household, automotive, etc.

      The Wal Mart in Austin had a pretty good art supply section. I was able to pick up Micron pens, journals, watercolors at good prices. The Wal Mart here isn’t so good for that stuff. It’s more school/office supply oriented. I do pick up pens there… I’ve gotten away from the Micron pens because I’m heavy handed and tend to destroy the tips before the ink is used up LOL. Now I’m using roller ball gel pens or the disposable fountain pens.

      One store that really surprises me is Staples. I buy lots of pens/paper/art stuff there these days.

  2. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (obviously) and barely celebrate Halloween. Every year I am horrified that the week Christmas is over, Easter cards/eggs/hot cross buns hit the shops. Yes, I exaggerate – but not by much.
    Those superficial, just plain nasty shows sustain an image of women which I have rarely come up against since I left school. We grow up and leave that nastiness behind. Don’t we?

    • Oh yes…. as soon as Christmas is close, there will be valentine’s everywhere mixed in with Easter goodies. It’s the craziest thing. We don’t even get one holiday under our belts when they are pushing the next 3.

      I sure hope we leave the nastiness behind at some point. I don’t think that’s true for many women though… I hear more & more women that are so catty… it’s like sitting in the cafeteria in high school all over again. One day maybe women will learn to support and lift up one another instead of tearing each other down.

  3. I hate it when they put Christmas out this early –I can’t get in the mood. I don’t get out much, but in the ads, I’m mostly seeing Halloween. Glad the horsie is getting better. Can you ride him? You could be like Mrs. Romney!
    I, too, dislike those ‘catty’ segments — I guess they think they’ll get more viewers that way.

    • I used to ride horses. These days though I’m scared… my balance isn’t so good & I don’t know how well I could stay atop the horse. Coach rides him outside of football season. He’s a great horse and very well trained. When I watch Mrs. Romney, it seems her MS is pretty benign. I wonder if that’s creative programming… maybe they go out of the way to show her in good moments… or if her MS is really that mild?

  4. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at the same time…ridiculous isn’t it! But hey, makes for great one stop shopping!

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