Jul 242010
Eating is such a personal thing.

And eating out requires courage! It is probably not just me, but when I am going consume food…put something into my body, I want to know that it is clean, prepared correctly with proper sanitary techniques. And I want to know that the table I’m using, the dishes, and things around me are clean.

Okay, that being said….

Tonight Coach & I went out for dinner (date night) at a wonderful Mexican food restaurant that we frequent. They have fabulous food, decent prices, and good atmosphere. Friday nights they even have a mariachi band that comes in to play… they aren’t the best singers but they have so much heart!

The restaurant was pretty crowded tonight. The tables are arranged in columns and rows…the layout of the restaurant is long and skinny. So the tables are sort of close together…close enough that you can easily hear the conversations of your dining neighbors, but not so close that you feel violated. We ordered, snacked on chips & queso and waited for our dinner (he had a #2 – enchiladas, tacos, beans, guac and I had 2 beef enchiladas, rice & beans). After about 30 minutes our waiter brings us our dinner…

About ½ way through the meal, I start looking around at our dining neighbors… I didn’t do this earlier because I was hungry, distracted by the mariachi’s, and visiting with Coach. But once dinner was served we dug in and I began looking around me…..

The table directly in front of us was being used by two women…most likely a bitchfest  girl’s night out. They were busy discussing, bashing, and enjoying their Mexican margaritas. As I am just sort of gazing their direction, my eyes wonder down and I notice that one of the women has her feet propped up in the chair next to her. AND SHE HAD NO SHOES ON!


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “Eating Out…”

  1. That would stop me eating right then I think, yuck!

  2. For some reason I was expecting a roach or some other bug by the way you built up the end!!!! Yes it would be gross with bare feet in a restaurant, and putting it up on a chair just makes it worse!

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