May 302011

>so things are in the process of change…. i’m now the proud owner of my own  bluehost account… waiting for the domain changes to take place… they say 5-7 freakin days lol so while i could still get here i figured i’d drop a line…

as soon as i have my new site up and running with a new post feed i will let you all know… and i’m hoping you will all make the move to the new site with me!

so i had an eargasm yesterday…. i bet you’re wondering what that might be…or maybe not… but i’m gonna tell you anyway….

you know how you get that itch in your ear that is unbelievable? way down deep? and you put your finger in your ear and jiggle it up and down at about 283 mph trying to stop the itch? but it doesn’t work…. and then there’s that thing that can be done with the throat…sort of a scratching weird sound… is anyone familiar with that? i’ve never heard anyone do it but my mom…that’s where i learned how to do it… and when done right it can alleviate the ear itch….

but yesterday… that throat thing wasn’t working either… so i went and got a qtip… took most of the soft cottony tip off… and went to town… oh my!!!  EARGASM!!

the sensation of relieving an itch that is so incredibly over powering… well it’s almost as good as sex…. whether it be an eargasm, footgasm, backgasm… oh man…. you know you are saying “oh hell yeah” ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “eargasms”

  1. Ooooooo, sounds wonderful!!!!! My ears never itched so much that I would put a cotton less q-tip or anything else in my ear. But, I have had the roof of my mouth itch and used a spoon to scratch it. Wasn’t up to the easgasm though.

  2. Hydrogen peroxide in  your ear works too.  Tip your head and drop in a couple drops.   You can hear it bubbling.  After a minute tilt your head the other way and the peroxide runs out and voila!  

  3. Ahhh, that feels so good! The throat thing? Absolutely! And… I will follow you wherever you may go…

    • oh you know the throat thing??!! that makes me feel such relief that mom & i aren’t the only ones ha!

      and i’m so happy  you will join me on the new site… going to be an interesting adventure for me, at least in the beginning lol

  4. we once got my sister-in-law a whole pack of q-tips because she catorgizes the “eargasm” right up there with good sex…..Personally, I keep trying but obviously I’m not doing it right

  5. I get the eargasm!  I have done this before 🙂

  6. You took the cotton off the Q-tip??? I was under the impression you were really not even supposed to use a Q-tip with the cotton still on it. I once did it with a bobby pin, but that was when I was a child. I could never imagine why they made Q-tips if we weren’t supposed to use them on our ears. I mean, they are just the right size, you know?

    • haha i did take the cotton off… bad Sherri! i know that’s a good thing to do… but dang my ear itched so freakin bad!

      and i completely agree… what other purpose for qtips is there besides cleaning ears…   okay, so they work well for cleaning keyboards and cleaning up after bad nail polish jobs… 

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