Oct 162012

-I have reconnected with the Walker family. I have missed them. I know, they aren’t real but I enjoy their trials & tribulations, the way they interact in a crazy & chaotic way. In my mind, they represent what most large families must be like. My family is relatively small so I have no idea what it would be like to have that many siblings. I probably wouldn’t like it much… I tend to avoid drama and confrontation at all costs. Not my favorite things. When the Walkers first entered my life I was consumed by them. I only made it through the first two seasons before life took over & my finances dictated the abandonment of cable/satellite television. I recently found the show in reruns. Ah, happiness for Sherri.

-Another program I’m really enjoying is Rehab with Dr. Drew. Based on what we are shown on television, Dr. Drew is a great rehab doc. I know we don’t see it all which means there could be a lot more to him that could alter my impression of him. But I choose not to think about that ha! Years ago, I worked in a juvenile psych hospital… it was a residential lock down facility. I truly enjoyed that work. Those kids. I still remember them all these years later and wonder what happened to them. The facility was for kids aged 7-18. I worked as the unit nurse on the admissions unit otherwise known as STAC. When I received the kids they were scared or angry, sometimes very withdrawn the first few days. It didn’t take long before they reached what we called the honeymoon phase. During this phase, the kids would do or say whatever they thought staff wanted to hear in an effort to show they weren’t sick & also to earn privileges. In order to process out of STAC and onto another higher level unit, certain goals had to be met. The kids tried hard to do this in the first few weeks. The other units had a bit more freedom & privileges than STAC did. STAC was a total lock down unit. The kids couldn’t blink without the permission of staff. The end of the honeymoon phase was when the real work could begin. The kids would start showing their true colors at this point. I miss that work.

-From time to time I fill out some surveys for a health activists website. For each survey I complete I am given a $10 gift card for Amazon. Pretty cool deal. Anyway, I did 3 surveys last week and had some cash on the account. I ordered a Tai Chi video and it’s arriving today. I’m very excited! When I was living in Los Angeles and then in Peoria I took Tai Chi classes & loved it. It’s such a cool martial art thing. When I moved back home I couldn’t find a Tai Chi Master that I was comfortable with so I just stopped going. It will be so nice to get back into it. Thankfully, Tai Chi is one of the 3 approved exercises by my neurologist. The other two are yoga and swimming. I also have a yoga for MS video that should be arriving in the next few weeks.

-Oh what I wouldn’t give for about 7 or 8 hours of CONTINUOUS sleep! I don’t think I’ve had that in a few years. The past months have been even worse. I get about 3-4 hours at night, about 3-4 hours during the morning and then maybe another hour or so in the afternoons. It’s making me nutso! Part of the problem is my MS and another part of the problem is the Queen. She is relentless about getting me up way too early. This morning she was getting me up at 3:45. Holy shit dog. When I say she is relentless, she really is. That dog will get up on the bed and wedge herself between my head & the pillow. She pushes, claws, wags, puts her cold wet nose on my face, etc. It’s nonstop. No matter what I do. I get mad at her, I try to get her to just lay down with me, I ignore her… nothing works. I guess I could shut the bedroom door but then it would be scratching and whining at the door. No relief.

-Dinner last night ended up being chicken strips, corn on the cob, & mashed potatoes. I did not slave over a hot stove. I bought it at Church’s Chicken. It was good! Coach enjoyed it. It’s a shame he didn’t get home until almost 9 though… I sure will be happy when football is over and he’s home more. Of course, I won’t know what to do with him here so much haha

-I usually greet Coach at the door when he comes home. Generally we are on the phone because he calls me while he’s driving and we visit about our day. Last night he came in, I still had my phone in my hand, when all of the sudden my hand decided it was done for the day. My phone fell. Now, if Murphy didn’t reside in our tin can, the phone might have fallen into the DRY dog food bowl. But nope. It landed right in the water bowl with a mighty splash. Shit. I took it all apart & placed it in a bowl of rice. This morning it wasn’t working right so I got out the old phone and reactivated it. Thank goodness I kept it!

-Well, now that I’ve been awake for 4 hours & had breakfast along with 2 cups of coffee, I do believe it’s about nap time. Sheesh.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  2. I finally broke down and started taking Ambien. I’m sleeping 5-6 uninterrupted hours. Don’t even get up to pee. OMG, I’m in heaven after more than a year of 1-4 hours of sleep, and getting up to pee 2-5 times a night.

    I do a very simplified Tai Chi — 5-6 moves compared to the 130-plus moves in the past, but it’s helping my balance.

    Love that butt!

  3. Nice photo at the end of your post. You just couldn’t resist, could you?

    My sleep is just the opposite of yours, I’m afraid. I swear that all my biorhythms do is try to pull me back to my nasty nocturnal schedule. Today, I am on a day schedule. I woke up at 4 AM after going to bed at 10 AM and sleeping straight through the day and night – 16 hours of (mostly) sleep!

    I just stopped letting Romy sleep on my bed with me. He opens the door at night to go do his nighttime dog stuff, and the cat comes in and sleeps on my feet and I can’t move. So out they go.

    I think it’s great that you have way to get gift certificates to Amazon. Where do I sign up? What are the qualifications?

    Sorry about your phone. Perhaps it just needs more drying time.

    • You are absolutely correct… I simply could not resist the posing ref LOL

      I am so ready to get some consistent sleep… or at least if I wake up, it’s not so far awake that I can’t doze right back off again…

      The activist site is https://www.wegohealth.com/ Wego Health. They have some good forums, patient advocates (always looking for more), and they do some teleconference type phone calls for everyone to get together. At times, they ask for us to be guest speakers in a forum. Other times, there will be a doctor that the patient advocates can grill… And then there are the surveys! They take about 10 minutes to do, all multiple choice and at the end you get the gift card thing. Pretty cool! They tend to come in spurts. I haven’t had any survey requests in many months then all of the sudden I had 3 back to back.

  4. I’ve watched Tai Chi, but I don’t think I have the balance for it. My exercise routines have dwindled [sigh]. That’s neat about the survey rewards — can anyone join, or is it just for medical personnel? Sorry about the sleep cycle — darn dogs! Do you think your phone just needs more drying out? I know Murphy, too, I try to avoid him, but can’t!!

    • Anyone can join! Go to https://www.wegohealth.com/ Wego Health. They have some good forums, patient advocates (always looking for more), and they do some teleconference type phone calls for everyone to get together. At times, they ask for us to be guest speakers in a forum. Other times, there will be a doctor that the patient advocates can grill…

      I don’t know how successful I will be at doing full Tai Chi anymore but I figure I can sit in a chair and do the arm parts or maybe lay on my back and do some of the leg parts…not the same but exercise all the same LOL

      My phone has continued drying all morning and still no luck 🙁 It’s okay though. The back up phone is actually a better smartphone

  5. I do a modified version of tai chi and yoga. It’s basically the only real exercise I get, and it helps with stiffness and balance. I’d really like to do some swimming, but I am allergic to chlorine, so I guess that’s out. Dunno if I want to put on bathing suit anyway, so….
    Sorry about your phone 🙁 Murphy has lived with us for so long that we named our dog after him!

    • I don’t go swimming because I don’t want to go alone. That sorta scares me. I can’t imagine being allergic to chlorine… or what it must’ve been like that time you got in a pool and realized the allergy was there…. eek!

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